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    Jade Capri


    This will be a series of short stories. There is no start or end, just what comes to mind. Enjoy your reading

    Part 1

    There are days when I want time to slow down and I want it to hurry along, and then there are

    days when I want it to stand still. When the tick is paralyzed and the tock has abandoned its post

    and we have all the time in the world to touch…

    In a candlelit room, our only interruption the hum of the fan, we kneel before each other naked,

    knowing that for once – time is on our side. As you look into my eyes, I hand you your own

    blindfold as I bring my own up. Both equally blinded and locked into our own solitude, I bring

    my hand up and allow my fingers to explore the features of your face, the smoothness of you

    shoulders, the strength of your arms. I steal a breath as your own hands begin to trace the

    contours of my sides, the swell of my breasts and the delicacy of my neck. Tell me what I feel

    like…wrap your fingers around my wrists, feel what your touch, your body, does to my body.

    My own excitement rising, the back of my hand trailing thoughts over your chest; let my skin

    soak up every inch and my palms tighten on every muscle. Let your fingers travel my shape and

    absorb the sweat pooling in drops along my hips. Grip them with strength and gentleness, before

    finally escaping down that curve and drifting nails find my thighs. Using only your wrist, grace

    my face with your touch…commit my features to memory through your skin. Let some air

    escape as my hands smooth out the sweat along your navel and my nails draw plans in your hair.

    Tell me how the feel of my hands memorizing the path to my desire feels in your darkness. Show

    me how my whispers along your inner thigh capture you.

    Feel my hand as I softly pull you down to me. Lie next to me…give your fingers permission to

    roam the delineation of my back, the rise of my ass. Indulge my moans and bring your lips to the

    smoothness of my skin. Grant your tongue sanction, and let it taste the motion you give cause to.

    Run your foot against my thighs, slowly opening them as your hand finds comfort around my

    waist…use your hand to fold me over into the crook of your arm and smile as my begging


    Come play with me…come touch me…discover me…we’ve got all the time in the world.​

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    Its so easy to lose myself in your words, imagining your touch…. love this Jade!

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    Jade Capri

    Sensual Sort Stories – Part 2

    GFE Role Play: Story

    A text at 12 AM. “Leave the door unlocked. I’ll be there in 1 hour.”

    I hear the house alarm ring true at 1 AM. With a smile creeping onto my lips, I close my eyes, turn over on my stomach and wait for the smell of your cologne, all the while trying to control the beat of my heart and the race of my breath.   You need this. You want this. It’s been a rough few weeks.

    I hear you step into the bedroom and begin peeling off your clothes.  Suddenly I feel your weight on the bed and your fingers in my hair. With one hand still in my hair, you peel the covers down off of my naked body and begin laying kisses up my spine along my shoulders blades and across my neck. With air I can no longer seem to find in my body, I simply lie still and anticipate your touches. Each brush of your unshaven face rubbing against my bare skin, electrifying me. Your lips and tongue making the journey around my neck and up my jaw line.

    Still, not a word spoken.

    I arch my back and raise my ass just a bit. Letting you know that I want, no need, your touches to continue. I feel your hand slip under my body and up to my breasts; your fingers begin their dance across my nipples. And oh dear god, I cannot breathe. Your hand spiraling down my body to my hips and in one swift movement, your hands are bringing me to my knees. And the first moans escapes into freedom. But still, I keep my eyes closed.

    Once again, your fingers go exploring and I can feel my skin waiting anxiously for your touch. One hand holding still my hip, the other searches out my desire and it is only after you’ve traced your fingers up one thigh and down the other, does it find it’s treasure. Your palm rubbing over me at first, then suddenly pushing into me. Thrumming with heat, I welcome you and concentrate only on the feel of your skin behind me and the motion of your fingers.   And at once I plead with you, moan for you, until finally, I come for you.

    Purring from the release, but needing more, I beg for me only to be rewarded with a hand over my lips and the feel of your cock between my legs…rubbing me, caressing me. And in one fluid moment, I feel your teeth on my shoulder as you enter me. And the moans rush out like a river breaking over a dam. Your tongue moves the spot you bit, and the sharp contrast sets my skin on fire. Moving slowly at first, your strokes are long, drawn out and almost painful they feel so exquisite. The feel of you, filling me.   As soon the want begins to overwhelm me, your thrusts are faster and harder, your breathe in my ear, one resting on my hip as the other finds its way into my hair. This time my orgasm is stronger, the rush of wetness exhilarating, shaking me to my core and sending me into waves of pleasure.

    Still riding the high of all that you give me, I feel you ease slowly out of me and instantly I feel your absence. Placing both hands on my shoulders, you turn me so that I’m facing you. Still on my knees, you rise up just a little. I know what you want, and I give it gladly. Seeing you is such a turn on for me; seeing the affect I have on you and the power in your eyes. Rising up, I move so that my ass is in the air but head is nestled below your stomach.   I bring your cock to my lips and breathe slowly before I flick my tongue across the head. I take my time, allowing every part of my lips and tongue the feel of you. Tasting sex, I take you all in, pushing you down my throat and then slowly easing my way back up and allowing you the briefest rush of air before I’m on you again.

    Rocking back and forth on my knees, my hands find their way to your hips and soon your movements are in sync with my own. Your hands in my hair, your moans growing deeper and louder, I can feel the steady throb and my own moan echoes around your cock, until neither of us can take it any longer and you explode in my mouth. The rush of warmth and the feel of you too much, I feel my own orgasm rack me. Both of us bathed in sweat, we fall into a tangle of exhaustion.

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    Hot! HOT! HOT!♨️♨️♨️♨️

    Maybe in 19 DAYS!!!    I like this new creative side!!!


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    Jade Capri

    Yes please 🙂 🙂

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    Jade Capri

    Short Sensual Stories – Part 3

    After Shower Tryst

    The steam is still raising off of my skin as I lie here, fresh out of the bath. My head is resting against the pillow, my towel laid open, my legs propped and separated. Come to me. Climb up on my bed and crawl your way up my body, leaving kisses along your trail.

    Kiss my lips softly, and leave it lingering as you kiss down my chin and then move on to my neck. After you’ve graced my neck with kisses so light it feels like a butterfly is dancing a waltz on my neck, bite it. Hard. Hear my gasp, feel my body rise in an arch, and my legs tremble. Move down in slick, slow movements, nibbling and licking as you go. Hear my breath catch, feel my heart racing.

    Reach down between my legs and envelope your fingers in my coming tide. Don’t mind when I grip your shoulders in a rush of pleasure and hunger. When I tug on your hair ever so lightly…moan for me. Above my belly and steadily descending, spread my legs so far that their parallel with the bed in eagerness and bring your lips back to mine. Kiss me hard. So hard it hurts.

    Don’t tease me. Enter me. Make me cry your name. Bring me to that point where I would promise you anything and everything if only you would scratch that itch. Thrust into me with all the passion you contain. Evoke your hunger. Make me yours. Own me.

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    Hard to say anything else. No pun intended!!!

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    John n GA

    My! OHHH MY!!!!!  Brings back so many memories!!

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    Jade Capri


    Sensual Short Stories – Part 3

    I want no words, no laughter, no comfort. I want only to drown in emotion and flesh. I want to burn. I want to feel a loss of self. I want to feel your body pressed against mine as my belly presses against the wall. Hand moving between my legs, teeth nipping at my shoulder, I want to feel nothing but strength in your touch. Body hungry for my own, hand kneading my breast. Panties loose around my ankle, blouse torn and swaying with each gasp I let free, I want to feel your cock inside me, twitching with eagerness. Swing me around, let me feel an emptiness before you fill me complete. I want to taste the sweat as it drips down your neck, watch as you enter me. Let me look at your chest as your back arches with each stroke of my nails on your ass. I want the mixture of moans to be the only sound heard. I want you to fuck me. I want you to take me over and leave me begging for more. I want.

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    Jade Capri

    Thank you for reading and participating Froggie, Dusty and John 🙂

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