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    Jade Capri

    By Lee – August 02, 2017

    Hesitant because I’ve never posted a trip report before and didn’t have any plans to. Exists now because I had a wonderful visit with the Amazing Jade Capri and in the course our visit we discussed this category and my ‘categorical virginity’. She felt it would be good for me to write a summary here and I agreed to do so.

    I was fortunate enough to arrive unannounced (no appt) and find Her there and was able to get on Her schedule for the next day. When she discovered I was a regular poster here and then recalled my handle as we walked down the hall, She stopped immediately and smiled the biggest smile and gave me such a warm great hug! (talk about benefits of membership!!!).

    We had such a great visit it’s difficult to recall all the topics we discussed. (At one point, she modeled one of Her new Brazilian Bikinis for me  :P ). One of the things We talked about was the “3rd world clean water project” that She has taken such an interest in. That old saying ‘put Your money where Your mouth is’ seems to apply here. I was happy to be in the presence of a Lady who cares for so much more than just Herself. We discussed our respective families and had a great time pondering the similarities and differences.

    She was working on a ‘treats project’ (cooking/baking something)  that Friday midday when I was there, so the time came that She needed to return to that and I had to go check my Hawaiian Shirt for wrinkles.

    As I was going out the front door, I asked the bartender if ‘Driving under the Influence of Jade’ was illegal in Nevada. He laughed, and said just one word – “Tranquility”. Yup – – tranquility…………………

    Oh, Oh, Oh, Yes, I almost forgot, Yes We did have scaaaaaaaaaaaandelously fantastic sex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     ;D   What more can I say?!?!!!

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    I can only imagine it was amazing. I would to have some Jade she drop dead gorgeous.

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