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    Jade Capri

    Basics of my Frequently Asked Questions

    ╚ ❥ Were are you from? I am from Brazil, born and raised.
    ╚ ❥ Why don’t you show your face? I totally admire the ladies that are willing to show their faces. In my case I am not prepared to do it so. But I believe that I am worth the risk.  😉
    ╚ ❥ Do you speak  any language besides English? Yes. I speak Portuguese, English, Spanish, read Italian and of course The LOVE language .
    ╚ ❥ Do you speak  any language besides English? Yes. I speak Portuguese, English, Spanish, read Italian and of course The LOVE language .
    ╚ ❥ How would like to be contacted? By email is the best way,  jade@jadecapri . You can also call the office 1 (775) 246-5997 and speak with one of the lovely cashiers. You may also ask to speak with me. If I happen to be unavailable they will take a message for me.
    ╚ ❥ What are the best quality in a man? He has to be a gentleman first and foremost, funny, understanding, respectable and love sex as I do.
    ╚ ❥ What do you do when you are not at the Ranch? Well, I have a business that I am dedicating myself to. I try to work on it from the Ranch as well when I have a chance. It’s great for me so I can use my college degree on my own business. (Once I get to know you better I will explain what my business is about)
    ╚ ❥ Are you a touchy feely person? Yes, I love to hold hands, hug, kiss and I hope you do too.
    ╚ ❥ Are your breasts real? No. I have silicone and it feels real as can be. Just ask the girls at the Ranch.
    ╚ ❥ Three physical features you get complimented on a lot? My booty, my eyes, my boobies and my personality.ops..that is four :)
    ╚ ❥ How tall are you? I am 5’8”, blonde, blue eyes, 36D, and I am a very athletic woman.
    ╚ ❥ Any piercings? If yes, how many and where are they? Yes. I have my ears pierced once in each side and my belly button.
    ╚ ❥ Any tattoos? No. I find it interesting but have never gotten one myself.
    ╚ ❥ Apart from the obvious ones, which two body parts are most sensitive and responsive? The upper part of my back. 😈
    ╚ ❥ Do you smoke? I don’t smoke. If you do, we will probably take a break and walk to the parlor so you can smoke.
    ╚ ❥ Do you respond your own emails? Yes, I do. I take pride on being in touch with anyone that takes the time to contact me. I cherish every email and try to respond as soon as I can. I do apologize if it takes me sometime to respond but know that it will be not more than half day, also make sure to check your spam folder, just in case my email got lost in there and if you don’t hear from me, send me another email. For some reason, I have lost emails before and it would be a shame not to get to know you because of that.
    I got few questions asked and though it would be good to add here. Many people that I haven’t met don’t understand what interest me.
    ╚ ❥ How can you have sex with certain individuals?
    I don’t choose who contact me, but I do choose who I spend time with. I will always choose the good guy versus the one who shows off. Age does not matter to me. Looks are not my focus. Body image is far away from my concerns.
    I do though appreciate personal hygiene, but I had many people who did not get to shower before getting here and I offer it with out deducting from our time together.
    ╚ ❥ Do nice guys finish last?
    Nope, as girls mature they increasingly like guys who are basically good, nice guys. They will eventually win the race as long as they are good in bed. That is where I come in. IF you know how to be great in bed, awesome, come in and we will exchange notes. If you are not very experienced or have no experience at all, I will teach you. I will show you everything you need to know to start in this wonderful world of making love.
    I also think that the shy type can be funny personality wise, in a clever way.  I like funny :)
    ╚ ❥ What do you like about sex?
    I love what the bodies can find out about each other. The places that you can make me feel good. It’s incredible what people have found out about me that I knew little about and the things I found out about them. I don’t like to say I enjoy one main thing as I want the focus to be in it all. Sometimes sex for me will be intense and other times romantic and slow. For me there is room for all :)
    ╚ ❥ What are the misconceptions about you?
    That I am quiet. Well, I am a little quiet, but I can be a talking bird at times. I am more observant than anything. I am usually right on with people so much I observe.
    ╚ ❥ What is your turn on?
    I love great personalities, funny guys, simple that impress once you get to know them. You know the ones who are very humble and say I am quiet, shy, don’t know what I am doing and BAMM give you a show. hehehe Those.
    ╚ ❥ Size matter to you?
    Guys… for the love of God, stop thinking like that. Let Jade explain to you once for all. It’s not your size, it’s what you do with it, you hands, your tongue, your touch. I have had it all and I have never had a huge one in my personal life.  Own what you have, that is hot. For me average and knowledgeable are just perfect. My ex said once to me “You are too experient  for me” Now that was from a  man 19 years older than me. He did loosen up with me after a while as was very happy he did :)
    ╚ ❥ Is that anything that put you off a man?
    Yes, man or women. High ego or arrogance. When they are really full of themselves and try to show off all the time. I really like people who are a bit humble and easy going.

    Party Arrangements


    ╚ ❥ I feel anxiety making an appointment, I am really dreading doing this. Can you help me? Yes, I totally know how you get anxious before appointments (as I was before coming to work here). Sometimes to the point where you delay contacting me. Is that right?
    Please, talk to me. I will do my best to reassure you that I will help not only plan, but make you visit unforgettable. And you better believe in what I have to say as I won’t lie to you to get your foot in the door.╚ ❥ I usually go over what I think the conversation will be like in my head and that helps. Should I do that? I don’t think so. Here is why. The more you think, the more difficult it can be. I always say to people that I meet here, be thoughtful, but think less about the situation. This experience will involve two people so chances are, your mental script will not be followed. What is a good thing. You are coming here for a new experience and that is what I want to give to you.

    ╚ ❥ Where do I arrange our meeting? I am currently at the Love Ranch North owned by the famous Dennis Hof.
    Love Ranch Northern NV
    95 Kit Kat Rd.
    Carson City, NV 89706
    1 (775) 246-5997
    Fax# (775) 246-7204
    ╚ ❥ Are you available at any time?
    I have a shift that is 10am to 10pm(monday to Thursday) 10am to 12am ( Fri and Sat) By appointments/requests only on Sundays. I do take appointments at any time though, just email me  MY FULL MENU LIST HERE
    ╚ ❥ It’s an obligation to make an appointment? It’s not but it will guarantee that I am available for a gentleman/couples/ladies when he/she gets here.
    ╚ ❥ Do you take appointments? Absolutely. I am available by appointment, requests and also walk ins. JADE – APPOINTMENTS AND DEPOSITS THREAD
    ╚ ❥ Do you take appointments any time of the day, even if it’s not your shit of 10am to 10pm?
    I absolutely will. I have taken appointments after 12am and before 6am. Just let me know your thoughts. JADE – APPOINTMENTS AND DEPOSITS THREAD
    ╚ ❥ Do you do specialty parties? I believe that every party is special. I love 2 girl parties, out dates, overnights, fetish, virgins, couples, girls, one on one passionate party’s. I am versatile just ask me if it is not mentioned here. MY FULL MENU LIST HERE
    ╚ ❥ Can you help me plan from our date?
    Of course! I am very up to date with places around here and will gladly suggest you places to stay, eat, visit, hang out, hopefully with me :)
    and if you need help choosing a flight website, I can also suggest it to you.
    ╚ ❥ Do you give any type of discounts or have any promotions for multiple hours or especial occasions? I sure do. Pm me with your questions and tell me what you have in mind and we can discuss in private. I am always willing to accommodate and negotiate every especial request. Don’t be afraid to ask me. You will find me a very welcoming and understanding lady. If you wish to show me any promotion that caught your eye let me know and we can talk about it. Just remember that I am extra generous with my time when gentlemen are generous to me. JADE’S SPECIALS AND DISCOUNTS
    ╚ ❥ How much it cost? By law, I can’t negotiate over email or phone. Sorry, but I do understand your need to know how much you will spend prior to make a commitment. Being in the legal side of things make for many regulations. I am flexible on what we can do specially with longer dates. I don’t charge more because I have been Lover of the Year 4 times. I am very approachable and I will always add to the value of your money. If you ask me how much you should bring? Bring as much as you can and we go from there. Send me a email so I can explain it better to you.
    ╚ ❥ If I booked a certain amount of time, but I want to stay longer with you, can I? Of course you can. Actually it happens more than anyone think. We can always negotiate more time and continue the fun. I promise negotiations with me are easy and fast. I am not the type of person who pressure anyone or make people feel uncomfortable.
    ╚ ❥ How are you in your dates? I am known to be versatile and quite passionate and seductive, but I also have a shy side to me at the same time. I will though always be my self. I think it’s the best way to be and I want you to be your self with me. No need to worry how to act around me. You won’t be judged.
    ╚ ❥ How should I dress?
    You may dress anyway you like to. I don’t require a dress code. Please, be comfortable. I haven’t encountered a restaurant that require a dress code here in case we have an outdate. Also bring at least one long sleeve shirt or tshrit, because sometimes here get’s cold at night.
    ╚ ❥ Can I shower in your room?
    Absolutely! I fresh up every single time I have a date and I will allow you to do the same and won’t deduct time from our dates. That is not a way to kill time for me.
    ╚ ❥ I have never been to the Ranch. I am a little scared/shy/skeptical. Would you talk to me over the phone?
    Of course! Remember, I been there before. Everyone had a first time here and I was glad to hear a friendly voice from a staff member here. So yes, please call and ask for me 775 246 5997 and press 0. Tell them you read about me or you would like to talk to me to set up date.
    ╚ ❥ When I come see you, I rather not stay around to many people. I like to be more private. Can you arrange that for us?
    You are talking with the right person. I am a very easy going person and I have good perception of how you are feeling. You are in good hands.
    ╚ ❥ Can we have a drink or just talk for a little while before our party?
    Of course we can, usually is good to let me know before hand so I can plan ahead of time, just in case I have other commitments coming up.
    ╚ ❥ I want to be prepared for our date, should I shave, trim down, I am not sure what girls like.
    For me, you are totally fine as long as you have good hygiene: body, feet and mouth.
    Now, by my experience with other ladies and I assume you want to please ladies in your private life too, right?
    Then trimming in down your body hair is a good idea. It will keep you fresh and you will hear compliments. If you don’t know how to do it, I will gladly help you.
    ╚ ❥ I don’t see some specialties that I have read before from other ladies. Would you be open to honor it?
    Of course I would, I am a very open minded woman. I just don’t like to feel pain. Other than that we can try anything, but always mention it to me over email so I know what to expect and how to prepare. MY FULL MENU LIST HERE
    ╚ ❥ Do you like presents from your clients?
    I love when someone think of me. You can bring what you think it’s a special thing for us or you can pick something from my  list ( or search Jade Capri on amazon), also, don’t forget that I have specials that include food bank, school supplies and I will add to my specials dog food and threats for the Human Society Shelter.
    ╚ ❥ Should I shave my penis/balls area? If so, how short should I go? All the way off, or just trimmed a little? I have never done it before and it is a little wild down there.
    I don’t really in force that, but if you want to trim down it can be a good idea. You can buy those hair trim kits and it is enough for you to groom before your visit or on a regular basis ;)
    ╚ ❥ I masturbate a lot and watch porn. Should I stop before I see you?
    I think you should and also suggest you to use condoms to help with the feeling of it. When you do it, try to hold it easy as your hands can grab it way harder than any girls vagina’s could. :) I have experienced a lot people with less sensitivity because they are not used to being inside a girl. We are tight, but not like your hands, so you need to start training the grip. I think that you also should go slow on the prone watching as you need to learn how to get on the sex mood using you mind, your eyes and your touch with me.
    ╚ ❥ In your experience how does it usually go for people losing there virginity?
    There is no predicting how it will go. Some are very natural and things will go really well, some will need to get more comfortable being around a girl, specially naked. Either way,please, don’t be so hard on your self and try not to think to much. I know what I am doing and I will guide you to the best I can. Truthfully, almost all the time it will go way beyond expectations.
    ╚ ❥ Can I take photos of you?
    I am very particular with photos taken of me. I may be ok taking a picture with my camera and then sending it to you ;)
    ╚ ❥ Do I need to get condoms? I don’t know my size and you don’t know my size, how do I do?
    No, I have my own condoms. I will never use someone else’s condoms. You are right, if it is our first time, I don’t know your size, but I do know what I am doing and when I look at you naked, I will know what condom to use ;) besides, if it is to small or big, we can just change it. I have all sizes, non latex, skin thin and others.
    ╚ ❥ I would like to meet you before our party. Is there a fee? Can we do that?
    There is no fee, I don’t see why not, but be prepared to have me step away if I have a request or line up as I am still on shift to work as I work by commission.
    ╚ ❥ Do you want me to send you a picture before our party?
    That is not necessary. I don’t meet to see how you look before our date. That won’t make it or break it ;)
    ╚ ❥ If I see you in the parlor, can I come say hi to you and introduce my self?
    I will love that. Despite of what I do here, I am very shy to approach people and that may come off as I don’t want to talk, but trust me, I do. I am just shy :)
    Please, come say hi and we will talk.
    ╚ ❥ Where can I call to arrange a airport or hotel pick up and there a mileage limit for picking me up?
    I am not sure if it is a mileage limit to pick you up, but nothing that it can’t be asked wham you call our office to ask (775)246-5997 and press 0 for our Shift Manager.
    I know that there have been pick ups in Reno and surroundings, Carson City, South and North Lake Tahoe, just call us before hand so we can plan.
    Reno – call 40 minutes before your pick up time and at least 2 hours before your party if you have an appointment.
    South and North Lake Tahoe – Call at least 50 minutes before your pick up time and 2 hours before you party if you have an appointment.
    Carson City – Some hotels are 10 min away and some are almost 20 minutes away depending on traffic. So call around 25 minutes before your pick up and at least 40 minutes before your party.
    ╚ ❥ Do the house accept credit cards or cash only?
    We do accept cash and all major creditcards, we have an ATM in site and we take ATM cards in the office as well. Amex as cash advance, so you will need to have your password. We also accept Cashier’s Check.
    ╚ ❥ Are there any hidden costs or extras that I should be aware of?
    Not with me. Once we discuss how long and how much it will be, after you pay, you are set. Unless you want to extend our date, that is entirely up to you. If I am available, I will love to extend the date with you. No gimmes.
    ╚ ❥ Can I tip you?
    You are not required, but it’s very much appreciated. I will never ask for it, but will never forget you were generous with me. You can also add the tip money to your budget so I can give back to you in time, give me a gift certificate/card or something from my wish list that is registered in amazon under Jade Capri. It’s all up to you.
    ╚ ❥ I had a less than remarkable experience before. How can you assure me that you will be better than my last experience?
    I am sorry you didn’t have a good experience before. I am here to provide a service that I am very proud of. I am not better than anyone and can’t make up for any bad experience you had. I assure you that you will have an experience that you will have fond memories of for a long time. Let’s put it this way. “I will always do to others what I would have done to my self” and I am very picky when it comes to a service provider of any sort. COLLECTION OF REVIEWS
    ╚ ❥ What kind of expectations do you have from our party/date?
    Honestly, I just want us to get along and feel comfortable with each other. If we can do that, our party/date will be a success. Remember, I will do my best always to accommodate you, your requests and you budget, but know that the less demanding and the more you trust me, the more you will get. I will always give you more than you ask me for. COLLECTION OF REVIEWS

    About Parties

    ╚ ❥ Why you don’t have  an endless list of  party types? Because I believe that to offer or discuss how our date will be, we should get to know each other and find out what do you like, what are you looking for and what you expect for your visit. What I have are open letters about  about
    Read more about it hereMY FULL MENU LIST HERE
    ╚ ❥ Do you have any restrictions when in a party? I consider my self a laid back person and I am open to new experiences, so I will try to accommodate any of your requests. The only thing that is not negotiable is the use of protection. It is required by me and the law at all times. I also don’t like to feel pain.
    ╚ ❥ Is there a set of rules you follow in your sessions? Yes, once we have negotiated and agreed on our time,  you knowledge that I will do my absolutely best for us to have a good time, but there will be some things we have to follow for my peace of mind.
    • You won’t touch your self, in your private areas until I clean you up and put a condom on; (you touching your self, the touching over a condom or touching me defy all purposes of using it)
    • I won’t touch your private areas until I put a condom on as pre cum can contaminate the hands and sheets.
    • You won’t remove the condom, that is for me to do it. I know some people feel bad, but I rather be the one doing it. So don’t worry, I don’t find it offensive.
    • If we have vigorous activities, condoms have to be replaced and there will be a clean up, of course, I ask you not to touch your self while I am cleaning, because it will cause me to ask you to wash your hands.
    • Even if it’s a making love type session, we will have to change condoms every so often because condoms get worn off and stretch.
    • When in a two girls party or couples, we will change condoms when switching ladies, every time we do, I will remove the condom and clean you up.
    • If in any moment of our time together you remove the condom, our time is over and our verbal agreement is broken by you.
    • I will never use condoms that were not brought by me. If you have allergies or preferences, let me know before the visit.
    • I know this is a lot rules, but it’s for my protection and your peace of mind. I have been here for 6 years and my routine as far as cleanness and health have worked for me and all my guests.
    ╚ ❥ What can I expect from you on our time together? You can expect my undivided attention, whether in the Ranch or on an outdate. You can expect that I will do my best to exceed your expectations. Have I mentioned that it gives me pleasure to know that you are having the best experience of your life?
    ╚ ❥ Are there any sexual acts that make you uncomfortable? Well, so far nothing that I have done has made me feel uncomfortable.  I have a very good sense of self.  We can always talk about any fantasy or fetish and go from there…deal? For more read the link below
    ╚ ❥ So what are your fantasies or turn ons?
    I have many. Some I have done, some I haven’t and some are just fantasies. I change all the time. Sometimes, something that really turn me on today, may not be what it does tomorrow. So don’t be afraid to share yours with me. Keep in mind. With me, nothing is absurd and I am adaptable. If I don’t like to do it, I will be honest and tell you before any payment is made.
    ╚ ❥ I love giving and receiving oral, can we do it?
    I love to give and receive oral, always remember, hygiene is the key to get further with the ladies. For more read the link below. JADE CAPRI PLUS ONE – Two Girls Party
    ╚ ❥ Otherwise just looking forward to continuing to learn the mechanics of sex now and what does and doesn’t work for me. You can only learn so much “flying solo”.
    You will have good experiences here. Take it as it comes. Don’t try to just implement what you like. Be open. Try new things. It does not mean all have to be super kinky. Sometimes great sex is just great when two people have chemistry.
    ╚ ❥ Have you used a strap on?
    Yes, on men and women and I am comfortable with that. I have also been in a two girls where one of us worn the strap on for the gentleman.
    ╚ ❥ Do you do Prostate Massage?
    Yes, I do. I am very good at finding it. Here is my blog about Prostate Massage
    ╚ ❥ Have you found a man g-spot before?
    Yes, I have. I am very experienced on it. It’s a completely different feeling, I have heard that is so intense that it’s almost overwhelming in a good way. Here is my blog about Prostate Massage
    ╚ ❥ Do you have much experience with prostate stimulation? I don’t need it per se, just curiosity.
    I do great experience with that. Finger or toys. It’s way more intense orgasm, so you may like to try it. No pressure though. I promise that if you don’t enjoy it we can stop, but you should at least be open to it. See above link
    ╚ ❥ Do you like Spanking, Hair pulling, Role play, Stripping?
    I don’t like to feel pain, so anything that does not hurt me is exciting when we do it the right way. Don’t worry, if you don’t know how to, I will guide you. To note: Always let me know your intentions so I am prepared. Don’t just start spanking or such. For more read the link below
    ╚ ❥ Or sometimes do you just want to get bent over and fucked?
    That works too hehe. Nothing like a good grabbing by my waist and pulling me towards you.
    ╚ ❥ I am Kind of curious, might be something we get to do when we get to play.
    I am all ears. Just tell me what is your mood for on that day.
    ╚ ❥ I like having my ears lightly nibbled on as well as my nipples.
    I am open to a lot things as long as there is hygiene. I just don’t enjoy saliva on my ears or neck. I rather the breathing. I can play with your nipples, but I don’t like mine pinched.
    ╚ ❥ Somehow I don’t get turned one by blow jobs. I’d love to learn to love blow jobs again.
    I have heard from few people that they don’t care much about blow jobs. Maybe you do and don’t know.
    Let me try. Trust me, You are not offending me in letting me do it. As long as you are a gentleman with me, I will be open to show you the pleasures you can have with it. For more read the link below. JADE CAPRI – ORAL PLEASURE – Kissing & Oral Sex
    ╚ ❥ Do you have experience as a stripper?
    Not really. If I was a dancer, I would probably not be as successful. I am a bit shy, go figure. I rather do all the sex stuff.
    ╚ ❥ Do you provide Viagra? How long the Viagra typically lasts?
    I don’t, sorry. You need to get it from your doctor and I always want to know if you are taking, just in case you for feel well. I am not sure how long it last, but I want to say 40 minutes to up to 2 hours and may be good for a second time. For more read the link below
    ╚ ❥ I have ED ( Erection Disfunction), do you mind if I bring my medication, pump or any other items that help me keep my erection?
    You can bring anything that works for you. We will find a way to have you enjoy your time to the fullest. I won’t provide it as you have to get it with your doctor. For more read the link below. EXPLORING SEXUALITY WITHIN LIMITS AND CHALLENGES
    ╚ ❥ Do you offer Couples parties?
    Absolutely. I love couples and they seem to get along with me :) For more read the link below
    ╚ ❥ What is your “niche” that make you good with couples or any other specialty party?
    I will always give you the truthful information about what I offer, what I charge for the time we negotiate and what I am willing to do. I have never in 5 years sent anyone home unhappy. I will always do my best to make you happy( and my best is the very best :)) and assure you that you made a great decision visiting me.
    ╚ ❥ Do you have any rules with couples?
    It’s not a rule per se, but rather for our own safety. When we are all together, I do understand that you and your wife/husband don’t wear condoms, but when here we would have to wear while I am involved. Including oral and intercourse. Removing the condoms for your activities with your partner while I am involved will only take up your party time as I have to stop everything and clean up, so I rather keep it on, unless it’s the very end and you want to enjoy just the two of you.
    ╚ ❥ Do you party with ladies from other Ranches?
    Of course! I have many times and it has always been a great experience. Just tell me who you would want to join us and I will arrange it or you can if you want to.
    ╚ ❥ Do you have a specific type you like to party with?
    I don’t. The only requirement with me is that you be a gentleman and want to spend quality time with me. Height, weight, age(over 18) race, body type is not and has never been a problem with me.
    ╚ ❥ Do you take women in parties?
    I do. I have done numerous times before and it’s been a fun experience.
    ╚ ❥ Are Disable or special needs people welcomed?
    Absolutely!! Everyone has the right to have fun and I totally welcome anyone wanting to have fun with me. Please, contact me or have a friend/family member contacting me. I will be sure to arrange the time of your life. For more read the links below EXPLORING SEXUALITY WITHIN LIMITS AND CHALLENGES or

    After our Appointment

    ╚ ❥ If I see you outside of the Ranch, can I approach you?
    I won’t be rude to you, but if I am with friends, chances are they don’t know what I do and if would look weird for you to call me a different name. I will never approach someone, specially if they have companion with them. Maybe just a wave hello ;)
    ╚ ❥ Would it be weird if I sent flowers/presents after the party?
    Of course not! I love flowers and anything that you want to send to me as a gesture that you are thinking of me. Also my wish list in on Amazon under Jade Capri
    ╚ ❥ I feel like I would enjoy talking to you after my trip. Would that be possible?
    I will love to. All I ask is for you to be patient with my responses as I have many emails to respond, but we can keep in touch for sure.
    ╚ ❥ I really enjoyed our time together. Can I make another appointment with you?
    Absolutely. I will be delighted to see you again and I will add extra time to show my appreciation to you. For more read the link below. JADE – APPOINTMENTS AND DEPOSITS THREAD
    So once we get more acquainted and you feel like telling me what you are looking for, my inbox will be open to you
    If any of your questions have been left unanswered, please do not hesitate to contact me.
    Thank you for reading my Frequently Asked Questions. If there is a question that you didn’t find the answer for, just email me and I will be more than happy to respond to you.
    More to come….

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