June 2017 review, Jade was amazing!

  • June 5, 2017 at 8:44 pm #1049

    I live on the east coast and my lifestyle provides few opportunities to visit a Nevada brothel; in fact, my first and only other time was nearly twenty years ago!  So I was super excited when a few months back a work-related trip was planned that not only included a free day but placed me within a reasonable drive of the Lake Tahoe area.  I decided right away that I would treat myself to a what I hoped would be an unforgettable sexual experience at a brothel with a true professional.  Having plenty of time to plan this excursion meant I was able to thoroughly research the ladies at the ranches, visit the house websites, the sites of individual ladies, and the message boards.  After a lot of deliberation and thought I chose to begin a correspondence with Jade because I felt she would provide the level of maturity, experience, and professionalism I sought.  On her website she gives extensive information about parties and what to expect which suggested a work ethic and attention to detail that I admired. Not to mention, she looks totally hot in all the pictures (!), and almost too good to be true – a quintessential hourglass figure, beautifully smooth and tanned skin, and enough mystery to make me want a closer look.  In fact, I worried the pictures had been digitally altered, or maybe her nose was missing 🙂 , and she wouldn’t live up to my heightened expectations.  This wasn’t the case, and I am happy to report that she looks just as good, if not better, in person.  After weeks of waiting the day finally came and I arrived at the Love Ranch about 20 minutes early, which gave me some time to sit and watch a lineup for another customer.  I found the other ladies attractive but do not regret making an appointment because the experience of Jade walking into the room in a form fitting yet tasteful little black dress, walking straight to me, and greeting me with a hug, made me feel special and like I belonged there.  Like, for a while, I was going to be Jade’s special guy and we were about to embark on an adventure that every man should desire.  Once in her room we engaged in casual conversation, which helped calm my nerves, and the eventual negotiation was quick and simple.  The correspondence helped a great deal since Jade already knew what I wanted, which was to have a warm and affectionate encounter with a beautiful woman.  As for the date, we freshened up, and spent an hour and a half exploring and enjoying each other’s bodies with many kisses, caresses, and positions.  I would describe it as GFE with just enough PSE thrown in to make it interesting, so interesting in fact, that she coaxed two orgasms from me, which NEVER happens! Also, I don’t think I am being too immodest to say she seemed very pleased with my attentions as well, which left me with a true sense of accomplishment.  I am so glad I put the effort into visiting Jade.  It was a truly unforgettable experience and she is a generous and caring individual who treated me like a genuine lover even though we had never met face to face and the chances of us ever doing this again are very slim.  Thank you dear Jade.


    A few more random thoughts that didn’t fit my review…


    1. She knows how to receive and give complements.
    2. She gives great pillow talk!
    3. She made me feel so comfortable that being naked around her felt very natural.
    4. Jade’s Brazilian Portuguese accented English is adorably exotic.
    5. She feels, smells, and tastes delightful.

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