Jade…My All Time Favorite

  • September 23, 2017 at 7:14 pm #1257

    I am generally not the type that writes reviews but for Jade…. I am making an exception.

    I been seeing Jade almost on the monthly basis since late 2016 and the parties kept getting better and better with each visit.  I will not go in to all the details since everyone’s mileage may vary.

    What I do have to say is this….

    I been around other brothels as well as being with other courtesans and Jade is my favorite.  My general preference tends to lean toward the petite ladies and the very first time I partied with jade was strictly out of curiosity.  Don’t get me wrong.. Jade is well proportion with curves to die for but my natural preference is toward the other spectrum.

    Jade has a great personality and I felt the connection within the first few minutes from talking to her.  I have learned that this is the difference maker from a OK party to a great one.  I will not go in to all activities we had but I can say Jade is highly skilled and she is very intuitive with all our sessions.   Jade has a knack of knowing what I want and like without me having to ask during our parties.  I think Jade is a great reader of body language since she gets it right every time.   Not many can do this naturally and to do this effortlessly like Jade takes dedication and devotion to ones craft.   It is obvious that Jade has put in the efforts and time for her craft.

    For those of you who are on the fence…. get off of it and go see Jade.  You will thank me for it.  I am so glad I went with my curiosity last year or I wouldn’t  be here now giving Jade praises.


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