Jade Capri and the Good Ship Lollipop

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    Jade Capri

    From Lomez  June 07, 2017

    How I arrived at the Love Ranch is considerably less interesting than encountering Jade Capri there at the bar, sucking on a lollipop. (Shout out to isurfer for bringing a box of Charms blow pops). She was just rolling it around in her mouth, a lick here, a lick there. Lynn was watching with me and we agreed it was absolutely entrancing. The sucker was in one side of her mouth, and then it was gone. Where could it be? She’d make a silly face, stick out her tongue with a laugh, and it was coated in green. Sometimes she’d check the stick to see if was starting to wear down. Poor stick. She’d take a lick off one side, and then study the lollipop like an archaeologist examining the ruins of Egypt. Then she’d take a lick off the other side, just to even things up. We told Jade that this was the greatest marketing tool ever for her – just a little video of her and the lollipop, with a wink and maybe even a hard CRUNCH at the end, to the tune of “Lollipop, Lollipop.” We even had a tag line ready: ” Suck with Jade Capri.” I don’t think she believed us. But I thought it was the greatest thing since grilled pineapple.
    Eventually, we decided that we should take the great lollipop adventure backstage. Jade, Ruby and the ladies had just started the special extra time promotion, and I think I was the second to take advantage of it, after the lollipop. She was very generous with her time, especially on next-to-no notice from moi. We had a great time, while three lollipops sat at attention on her dresser, ready to take my place should I …. hmm, better not go there. They remained wrapped throughout even though I faintly heard one of them – a broccoli-flavored one, I believe – call, “Jade, Jade … Pick me instead.”
    With some luck, those lollipops will also get a chance to be devoured by Jade Capri. And then the lollipops and I will have something quite pleasant in common.


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