Jade, a dream that becomes reality… and more.

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    Whom do you go to if you’re a virgin and/or a first-timer to a ranch? You want your first time to be the best that it can be. The lovers/courtesans will have pictures and write about themselves online, and you hope they’re not misrepresenting themselves, or using ghost authors. Then you come across Jade’s detailed profile. Wow, is she all that?

    You may have glanced at her other reviews already and have read about Jade’s beautiful face/eyes/skin/body/tan/accent, etc., curves to die for. Yes it’s all true. I have found the softness of her lips especially appealing.

    Although I didn’t ask, it seemed to me that she is a non-smoker. I didn’t see any tattoos. These are big pluses if you’re like me and prefer more naturalness in women.

    I got to try a thing or two that I didn’t think I was going to get to try, and was amazed at her cleanliness, particularly if your tongue ends up exploring places… and I felt no stubble. That’s quite an effort.

    So yes, Jade is physically perfect… but it’s not the main reason I chose her. Of course it’s a given that first-timers and virgins will likely want an attractive, desirable woman. For me, not enough. I held out for so long, and I found that the longer I waited, the more important it was to have the experience go well, or I would be devastated.

    How does one plan for this? I don’t think you can. You just hope that your partner will be kind and understanding, and won’t get bored or disgusted. Thank goodness Jade discusses helping less fortunate men like myself who may have specific problems, and/or lack of experience, in detail.

    Well, I’m happy to say that she is who she says she is. You may sense this higher caliber of character and professionalism if you correspond with her first, but more so when you initially meet and greet her in the lobby. She cares about the experience you’re about to have, is interested in where you’ve been in life and where you’re going or want to go. I did not feel this vibe so much with some of the other girls around. It’s true that empathy goes a long way, and creates the distinction between lovers and courtesans, titles circulated at the ranches.

    I also sensed a balance of goodness, kindness, consideration, fairness, honesty, and particularly, confidence and steadfastness. Jade is proactive; she will lead when you don’t know what to do, and will think of something that will re-excite you, if you find yourself becoming unfocused and/or overwhelmed (it happened to me).

    If you ask her to, Jade will offer advice & will critique your correctable weaknesses if you’re prepared to not take it personally; it can make you a better man among women and social circles. This you should take advantage of. Because women can be less confrontational where men have egos, from what I’ve read and even experienced myself, women (sometimes even when asked) might not tell you where you fucked up, nor point out where you can improve. Jade gives you a chance to learn, if you ask her to teach you.

    Call me crazy; I had time for another round of action, but I found myself talking more, reflecting on my life to date and the events that brought me to see her, during some post-release cuddling. She’s smart and can connect and relate to you with her own real-life experiences, and I found that when I had trouble explaining a few things and had to refer to some movie references, she knew what I was talking about!

    Negatives? None. Well, all things considered, I need to work on some things. Jade is flawless. There’s an intercom system in-house that appears to call “time” but I was allowed to go over a bit. Jade was successful – she told me at the start not to worry about time – and in the end, our date did not feel rushed.

    Jade truly is a real dream girl, a taste of heaven and of what’s best in life; and if you wonder about how the end result will be when you negotiate… she’s worth it.

    June 16, 2017


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