First professional experience starring Jade Capri

  • May 14, 2017 at 10:32 am #965

    After many months of flirting with the idea (and relistening to podcast episodes), a week or so ago I gathered up the courage to schedule an appointment with Jade. This was my first experience with any sort of professional (and the first experience of any sort in a good long while following a nasty divorce), and as a result I was extremely anxious about the entire deal. Fortunately, I could not have chosen a better person to have an adventure with. Corresponding with Jade in the lead-up to the session was an excellent experience that did a lot to quell most of the nerves. For anyone looking into the idea, in person she is everything that she appears to be in her correspondence, message board postings, podcast, YouTube videos, etc.

    At the appointed hour, Jade emerged wearing a dress that must have been melted across her. Her body is an extravagance, but her smile is warm and approachable. During the initial conversations, she must have picked up on my nervousness (or perhaps it was just too early in the day), but we both seemed a little stiff. Once the arrangements were made the action progressed, though, it all felt very natural.

    During our preliminary discussions, I had asked Jade essentially just to walk me through the basics, as I had been out of the dating game for a good long while. She was happy and enthusiastic to oblige. During the interim periods, we talked about everything from work to relationship history to goals and fears. It was delightful. When time was up, Jade seemed genuinely disappointed, and we talked for a good long while afterward.

    In short, and without spoiling any of the fun, Jade is a perfect companion (even briefly) for someone who is new and nervous and unskilled and fearful. It is hard to feel anything but warm when she is around, and, as mentioned above, she is extravagantly sensual. Truly extraordinary. 10/10 would recommend, and will repeat if the opportunity (and budget) present themselves. For those out there doubting (if any, on this board), stop hesitating.

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