First Brothel Experience and Jade Capri

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    Jade Capri

    Mr. Fredricksen August 19, 2016

    After about a month and a half of lurking and reading experiences, I decided I will take a trip to a Ranch and try it out.  Most people’s suggestions for newbies here are to just show up and talk to as many ladies as possible and go from there.  I know I am a little too shy to do that so I decided to book an appointment instead of winging it.  And that’s when I decided to contact Jade.  After all, she just won COY and based from her posts on here, she seems to be very sweet.  And her pictures…God Damn!

    A week after setting up the appointment with Jade I drove up.  Rang the bell from the side and I was told Jade will be out in a few minutes and if I would like to stay at the bar.  I obliged and this is when my decision to make an appointment in advance turned out to be the right decision.  I was a nervous wreck.  I never drink in the morning, but I had to get a vodka soda to calm me down.  For a few minutes I just stared at my drink and at the TV screen in front of me.  I don’t even remember what was on.  I had to tell myself a few times to look around and enjoy the view, which I did from time to time.  Ten minutes seemed like forever and then Jade finally walked in.  I was so happy and relieved that Jade is beautiful in the flesh.  I almost thought maybe her face really is just a big heart with “Be Mine” printed on it.  I’m not sure if she sensed that I was tense but after the initial pleasantries, she asked me if I wanted to talk somewhere else.  I said yes and she then gave me the tour of the place and straight to the negotiation room.  Negotiation was a breeze, there wasn’t really much negotiating but we were out of there pretty quickly and on to the party.

    I am not very adventurous in the bedroom.  Sure I like different positions but for the most part, I am just really looking for passion and energy.  And Jade has all kinds of passion and energy.  This woman just oozes sexiness.  We paused once in a while to talk and she really is a genuinely sweet and wonderful person.  I told her I was obsessed with her butt and that’s when she said, “then you should turn me around.”  I did and I am having a tough time with words describing what that feeling was.  Looking at her body from this view, her silky smooth skin all over starting with her shoulders. Yes, somehow her shoulders turned me on.  I followed the path of her spine, the crease that separates one half of that unbelievable body from the other, the width of her body narrows as I stare from her shoulders down to her waist, and widens again at the hips before arriving at the main event.  I swear once my eyes were fixated on Jade’s butt, I was in a state of hypnotic trance.  I’ve heard and read stories from people about this “wow” moment.  The feeling you get that you can’t explain.  Be it seeing the Taj Mahal for the first time, or getting up to Machu Picchu, or riding through the Egyptian desert and gazing upon the Great Pyramids for the first time.  Well after almost 40 years in this earth, I had my “wow” moment.  In this dimly lit room out in the middle of nowhere in the State of Nevada, Jade Capri was my Great Pyramid.

    Now that I’m back home reflecting on my experience, I was thinking I should’ve given my fantasies more thought to know exactly what they are and fulfilled them while I was with Jade.  And that’s when I realized I had my fantasy fulfilled.  Each one of us has an idea what the perfect body is, and I am sure we fantasize about being with someone who meets the criteria.  For me, Jade meets all of those criteria.  And from now on if asked to describe the perfect woman, after describing what the hair should look like and the eyes and the lips and all of that, it will always end with “and Jade Capri’s body.”

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    I bet she was amazing in person.

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    Jade Capri

    I think it is, but I am a bit biased 🙂

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