Breakfast and Morning Sex with Jade Capri!!

  • April 1, 2017 at 11:18 am #884
    John n GA

    A trip to the Carson City ranches would not be complete without a visit to the Brazilian Bombshell….Miss Jade Capri!! On my most recent trip I met Jade bright and early one morning. I arrived early (as usual for me). Jade was still getting ready, she invited me to her room to catch up while she was finishing her hair bare nekkid!!!! Jade is so generous with her time to ALL that visit her on a regular basis.
    As I gazed at her incredible beauty standing before me, I thanked her for seeing me on short notice. “No worries” was her reply!!!!
    When she was ready, we completed our negotiation. After a short walk, we were back in her room…Jade quickly opened the short robe she was wearing and the fun began! As many have written before, Jade is an incredible kisser! Softest lips ever!

    Soon, we were in the middle of one of the most intense sessions I can ever remember having with her. Jade was on top, and I placed my hands on her hips/booty to help increase the sensation for the both of us!! What happens next will stay between Jade and myself! We both finished at the same time….which is happening more and more each time i visit Miss Capri!!

    After we cleaned up, Jade had arranged us an awesome breakfast. We ate as we continued incredible conversation and laughs on many different subjects!! My time was quickly ending, so we cuddled a bit before I had to leave.

    Every time I see Jade, it seems like the chemistry, conversation, laughs and general great fun takes a step to the next level of a special friendship! I have had MANY outdates, one overnighter, and several shorter parties with this amazing lady!! Each one stands on it’s own as an incredible memory that will last a lifetime!!

    Gentleman, Ladies, couples….if you are looking for a special companion , for dinner, dancing, movies, Tahoe hike or swim….. Miss Jade Capri will not disappoint whatever occasion you might want her to accompany you in attending!!

    Thanks Jade for the awesome breakfast and mind-blowing MORNING SEX!!!!

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