An unforgettable day with a beautiful woman

  • November 21, 2017 at 4:35 pm #1463
    Let me first say that my visit with Jade was something completely out of character for me.  I’m still trying to take it all in.  What an unbelievable experience.  There are things I would have done differently had I to do it over again but I was a little overwhelmed having been my first experience at a brothel.  So full disclosure for the reader you are hearing a review from a newbie of sorts to this kind of experience.  Having said that I’m the kind of person that only writes reviews when really disappointed by something or really blown away in a positive sense, so you can take what I’m about to say to the bank.
    First for the more obvious, physical appearance.  What can I say about Jade?  She has silky smooth skin, beautiful blue/green eyes that you get lost in (I mean literally, I actually lost my train of thought a few times gazing into her eyes), and soft lips that are a wonder to kiss.   Oh and I almost forgot to mention, the most amazing butt you will ever see on planet earth.  I’m sure you are all lusting over Jade’s photos but trust me they don’t do her justice.  I’m not going to try and compare because well… nothing compares to her.  She is an absolute stunner!  I’m sure Jade has raised the auto-insurance rates around Carson City a bit LOL.
    It’s the not so obvious stuff that makes Jade Capri so uniquely attractive.  She is a genuine person and gives herself fully to you and your experience together.  She knew I was nervous and worked right away to connect with me on an emotional level.  I could tell she was a little nervous too which in a way put me a little more at ease and I think really speaks to how much she is committing herself to this experience.  She is very open with sharing things about her personal life and shows equal interest in yours.  She also makes you feel really good about yourself, finding all kinds of ways to complement you.  I think others have mentioned that you leave Jade’s company with renewed confidence.  That is a gift she gives you that isn’t fully realized until later.  She has a great sense of humor, something I would have explored more had I not been so overwhelmed by everything else, and she will tease you in playful ways.  Jade is the kind of girl that’s beautiful but doesn’t let it go to her head which makes her even more attractive.  If you are looking for arrogance you will have to look elsewhere.
    I can’t put it anymore plainly than this.  The sex was amazing!  I’m in pretty good shape and I was spent by the end.  She is super in tune to your needs and very receptive to requests for what you desire.  She engages all of your senses with an intoxicating scent and sweet voice that you could never get tired of listening to, sharing intimate moments with you during breaks from the umm.. other activities.
    If you’ve ever wondered what’s it’s like to sleep with an amazonian goddess then you need look no further.  I guarantee it’s an experience you will never forget.  There is a reason she receives so many positive reviews and awards.  She is the complete package.  A beautiful woman inside and out.  My only regret is that my budget wouldn’t allow more time.

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