8th Party (4/22-23/17)

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    I got into Incline Village and punched in the address for the cabin we were going to be staying at and followed the directions. At one point, I started to get suspicious because I knew the cabin was only supposed to be a less than a mile away from the Hyatt Regency and I was going up the mountain. I looked at the address saw what I had done. I had the right house number, but I had the wrong street name. It was one of those cases where the auto fill-in came in and I selected it but it was the wrong address. I know I’m not the only one who’s ever done and I’ll call anyone a liar if they said it’s never happened to them. So anyway, I made the correct address was on my phone and turned around and made my way to the correct location. When I got there, I checked out the place and it was gorgeous. This felt like the perfect location for my first ever overnight. I got some of my stuff in and I started doing some laundry. Yes I know, I do laundry. I’m single folks, come on. But anyway, I was there maybe twenty minutes before Jade got there. I helped her bring her things in and she checked the place out. She really loved it as well. We talked for a little while because we had some time before we needed to head out to dinner.

    We took my car and I asked her if she wanted to listen to some music and she said she did and I brought my huge CD case and she picked out the Toto CD Mindfields. I went to the song Melanie which in my opinion is the best song of the album. The video is killer as well. So as I drove, she navigated me to the Lone Eagle Grille. I used the valet parking and we went in and were led to our table. It was really noisy inside due to a musician performing in the main room. It was so loud I could barely hear myself think. Luckily, the table we got was at the far end of the building and we had this great big window overlooking the beach of Lake Tahoe. Well, it wasn’t really overlooking it, it was right on the beach. There was just a little walkway separating us and the beach. Oh it was perfect. We started out with drinks, she had a glass of wine and I had water. For those of you who don’t know all that well, I don’t drink. Then we started looking over the menu and it felt like I was reading in a foreign language. Oh Jade Jade Jade, what did you get me into? So Jade helped me with some of things that were on there because I had never heard of more of half of this stuff. She asked me about a salad to start out with. Uh-oh. Jade, you know I don’t eat salads. But in the interest of keeping her happy, I told her I would split a salad with her. When they brought this salad out that was split onto two plates, she saw the look on my face and started laughing. Right before I tried my first bite, she already had her phone out video taping me. Oh great, I’m now going to have an audience of some kind. So to make a long long (sorry, too late, I know) story short, the only way I could eat this thing was if there was bacon on it. Otherwise, I just couldn’t. I knew there was a reason I wasn’t a salad guy. But she was laughing the whole way through. I’m glad I could provide her with some laughter. So we ordered the main course, she had a elk strip and I had the bison steak with a quail egg. Again, nothing I’ve ever had. We also ordered some kind of spinach, she asked me if I would split that with her as well since I’ve never had spinach before, and some kind of baked macaroni and cheese. When everything came out, she tried my bison and I tried her elk…both were very very good. The mac and cheese was good. Now, I just need to try the spinach. Out came the phone again, she wanted to capture this moment. As it would turn out, I loved it. We finished eating and I was getting pretty full so we asked for a bag to put the mac and cheese and spinach into. Our waiter asked us if we wanted desert. I wasn’t expecting this but we got a desert menu and again, it was very much like looking at something in a foreign language I had never heard of before. The only thing I actually could read was this chocolate delight special and Jade let’s get that one so we did. It came out in this intricate design and the taste was great. There were about five or six different tastes in this thing. We both really enjoyed it. The waiter came back back and asked if we were ready for the bill and we both said yes and when he brought the bill to us, Jade took it. I was expecting to pay it but she had already decided she was going to take the bill. We took one last drink of our respective drinks and went out to the beach. It was getting dark and cold as the wind was picking up as if a storm was coming through. There wasn’t one but it felt like it. The waters were coming above the pier that was just down the beach. No swimming tonight folks.

    We went back to our cabin to settle in for the night. Jade took a shower and while she was doing that, I took my laundry from the washer into the dryer and laid down on the couch and played Criminal Case on my phone. When she was done, I took my own shower but first, I shaved off the mustache. When I got done, she was laying on the couch paying with her phone and she didn’t see me come out so I snuck up on her and surprised her yet again. She was happy I shaved off my mustache and then she saw what I was wearing and started laughing…which was exactly the reaction I was going for. I want this woman to laugh. I sat down on the couch with her and we started talking for a little while and then we popped in a DVD. She had never heard of Jeff Dunham so I brought one of his DVDs with me and we watched it. The way we held each other during the DVD was something I’ve wanted for an extremely long time and it felt so good. I honestly can’t even remember the last time (if ever) someone embraced me like this. If I had died during this time, my life would’ve been complete. I got the one thing I wanted, the one thing I need. This moment was pretty much that of my deepest desires. But watching this DVD, she laughed a lot and looked him up on google and looked up some of his puppets as well. I think I gave Jeff a new fan. I’m pretty sure I did anyway.

    After the DVD was done, we decided to turn in for the night for first…well you know. I gave her her surprises for this day and she really liked the one because this particular surprise said so much without saying anything and she loved the simplicity of it…or so she claims. I had one last surprise before the fun began…or should I say to start the fun. She took a huge leap of faith and trusted me with something that I wasn’t sure how she would react to. And this surprise as it turned out was something she had never had done to her ever nor had she ever done to anyone else. Now I’m not going to say what it was because I don’t want anyone else doing this to her nor her doing this to anyone else. This is just mine and hers alone and it may be the only thing I have that’s ours. She was very very pleasantly surprised with this and when I was done, she told me it was her turn…which was something I never thought of but I was excited about it. She returned the favor and I couldn’t how good it actually felt. Now I went on for a long time when I was doing this to her and I think she took even longer. It was amazing. Once all was said and done and the fun itself was over which that in itself was probably the most amazing, sensual, intense times I have ever spent, we called it a night and went to sleep.

    SUNDAY (April 23, 2017)

    We took our time waking and we went did, the fun started all over again. Again, it was an amazing time. Last night was perfect. Utterly perfectly perfect.

    We cleaned and I gave the dryer another run and texted our cabin host and asked if we could have one extra hour to check out and they replied immediately and said it wouldn’t be a problem and I thanked them then and we went off for breakfast. We went back to the Lone Eagle Grille but they weren’t open just yet so we went to the Hyatt Hotel and Casino that was across the street and ate breakfast there at there buffet. We had a really good conversation while we ate and talked about a good variety of things. I love talking to this woman. When we were done we went back to the beach by the Lone Eagle Grille and took some pictures there. She had taken a lot of pictures of us there today and the night before plus she got a few videos as well, especially pictures and video of me eating the salad which I thiiiiink is now meant to be blackmail. I better be a good boy from now on I guess. We went back to the cabin and I helped her get her things to her car and we talked in the parking lot and embraced each other for quite a while. We had another really really deep conversation and talked about the future. She then left and had back for Carson City and I went back into the cabin and emptied out the dryer and started packing up my car. I needed that extra hour I requested because it took me every second of that hour to finish everything I needed to do. And then I made a discovery…I forgot to give her one of my surprises. Well, I guess I’ll just have to catch her in Carson City to make sure she gets this because I have to make sure she gets this one because this one means a lot to me. But going back to this overnighter, I had never ever considered doing one until Jade and it just seemed like the natural thing to do. I am so glad I did because this was the greatest time I have ever had and hopefully in the future, we’ll be able to do it again.

    I drove back and went straight to Love Ranch. Jade came right out and I gave her the final gift that I had for her and she just fell in love with it. She stayed out for a while and we talked. We were also joined by Riley, Casey, and Catrina Costa. Riley was really looking forward to the investigation tonight and Casey and Catrina were hoping to able to take part in it as well. Jade wanted nothing to do with it, she gets scared too easily. I made mention that I was going to go to Gold Dust West in a little while get myself a hotel and Jade excused herself right after that. Riley was telling me of a couple rooms she wanted to check out and see if they were haunted or not based on some of the stories she had heard. Jade came back after a few minutes and told me that I wasn’t going to be staying at Gold Dust West, I was staying right here. “What?” Jade reiterated…”You are staying here tonight,” she said. Yes ma’am. She wanted to show me the room so I followed her and it was literally the first room. It was a very small room with it’s own bathroom but it was good enough for me. It’s not like I was going to be living room doing anything with the room, all I needed was a bed to sleep in and a bathroom. I started joking with Jade and asked if if that means I needed to start lining up with the rest of the ladies and if I get my own sign with my name on the door. Her eyes got real wide and the next time I knew, we were back in the parlor, she had a piece of paper and a marker in her hand and she was writing “Dreams Come T.” on the paper to put on my door! I was wondering to myself what in the hell have I done and she was enjoying every second of it. You can just tell when a woman is enjoying herself and this was Jade right here, right now. She put the paper in the name plate on the door and I took a picture of it.

    We went back to the parlor and Jade went into the kitchen and came out to two plates of cake. She wouldn’t tell me what it was but someone blabbed that it was red velvet cake. Jade looked at her like she didn’t want me to know what it was. I was kinda afraid she was trying to slip me a piece of strawberry cake because I absolutely hate strawberry…can’t stand the smell of it, the taste practically makes me gag. But red velvet cake, I like it. Had it once before a long time and I think Jade was testing me again by giving me something I’ve never had before. That might explain the look she had. But I loved it. We sat on the couch in front of the window and while we were eating our cake, she was telling me of this waterfall she wanted me to go check out. It was King’s Canyon and she practically ordered me to go. “You have to go there, you must check this place out! It is so beautiful!” Okay, maybe she didn’t say those exact words but that was the gist of it. I’m not sure why she wanted me to go there but I’m guessing it’s because she has been there herself on one of her hiking trips and she wanted me to experience the same thing she did so I told her that I would go. She looked up the location on her phone and showed me. It seemed like an easy enough place to find. And throughout this whole time, Jade was playing with the gift I had brought to her this morning. I think I did right with this particular gift.

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