7th party (4/21/17) {Seventh Heaven}

  • June 20, 2017 at 12:24 pm #1089

    I pulled into the parking lot and dug into my bag in the back street for a couple of headache pills because I was starting to get a headache and took a quick drink of water. Lynn was standing outside near the gate and she recognized me and asked me if I was here for Jade. Of course I was! So she let me in and gave me a water while I sat at the bar. It wasn’t long at all that I heard a “Hello” and felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and beheld a sight that is so special, it should only be seen once in a lifetime. She was surprised at the mustache I had. She gave me a great big and we went to go sit on the couch and chatted it for quite a while before we headed to her room and talked quite a bit more. I actually liked this new room better than the one she had last year, lots more space and the bathroom was much bigger too. I wanted a quick shower since I had been driving all morning. And then the fun began. I had waited almost nine months to be back in her arms again and feeling was like something that no word can possibly describe. It was simply…amazing. The first thing she noticed was how tan I was. That was something I didn’t tell her I was doing, I was going to the tanning salon to try and help myself look better than I did last summer. I was something like four times darker than she was. It was really quite funny the wordy exchange we had about that. After all that, I wanted to get a quick rinse because I had sweated so much, yeah it was that intense, and I almost fell over from exhaustion. She asked if I was ok and I told her I was, I just got a little dizzy. What I didn’t tell her, and now I know she’s gonna yell at me for this, is that I hadn’t eaten anything at all that day. All I was focused on that day was to get to her, I didn’t bother with eating anything at all. After I rinsed off, she gave a cutie to eat. I had never had one before but I tried it and I found that I liked it. She gave me a couple more to take with me back to the hotel. Then I had a few surprises to give to her. Yes, I had a some surprises for her for today, tomorrow, and Sunday. She was probably expecting it considering how I did things last August but hey, why break tradition? I had meant to give her the surprises beforehand but we were both talking so much and enjoying each other’s company that I had completely forgotten about them. We started talking about what we would do tomorrow because we had a huge date set for tomorrow, the biggest one yet. Once we figured everything out, we headed back to the parlor and talked a lot more.

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