Thanksgiving 2017

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Happy Thanksgiving   Every day of ​our lives​, ​we​ can find reasons to complain​, ​b​ut today is a day to be Thankful. Thankful for a multitude of reasons. Our family, our friends, our supporters, our pets, the food we have everyday, our jobs, our clients(the reason we do all we do in our jobs, we are working to provide something to someone, even …


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JADE CAPRI BIRTHDAY 2017 Birthday Special Hi my loves , I have been so blessed with so many wonderful people in my life that care about me and here is no different. In 2016, for my Birthday with the help of many generous message board members we donated over $1400 for clean water campaign. This year as many of you …

Our Wonderful Jade Capri

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Hesitant because I’ve never posted a trip report before and didn’t have any plans to. Exists now because I had a wonderful visit with the Amazing Jade Capri and in the course our visit we discussed this category and my ‘categorical virginity’. She felt it would be good for me to write a summary here and I agreed to do …

Girlfriend Experience

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​ YOUR PERFECT GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE ALSO KNOWN AS GFE – JADE CAPRI Your Perfect Temporary Girlfriend and the closest feeling of a Girlfriend you will have at the Ranch. ​Click here for the Girlfriend Experience Blog Are you are looking for a girlfriend experience otherwise known as GFE in the Reno, Carson and Lake Tahoe area? Look no further. I will …

When is the best time to raise delicate sexual issues with a new or long term relationship partner?

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Who knows me, know that I am always looking to improve my life and the life of the people who visit me, including couples. I particularly enjoy my experiences with couples, especially when they open up and relax. Some of the couples I’ve spent time with have become my close friends and every time there is a special occasion we …

10 Things to do in Lake Tahoe by Jade Capri

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10 THINGS TO DO IN LAKE TAHOE ON SUMMER BY JADE CAPRI 1 – Emerald Bay –  The 1 mile hike down to the lake will reveal a beautiful house made of rocks, as well as detailed carved wood with a charming green area in the middle of the property. The trail is easy with wide roads, but only wide …


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HAPPY NEW YEAR! A New Year is upon us. Be ready for new adventures. It’s time to say good bye to one more year. ​It’s time to relive all memories and save all the great moments in your heart, because now it’s time to bet on the future. Cheer the tomorrow, celebrate what is yet to come. It’s time to make of …

Merry Christmas

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Hi everyone, Knowing you all these years has been great. I always look forward to our times together. I hope you realize that you add something wonderful to my life. You are very special to me. Merry Christmas from the bottom of my heart Jade Capri


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Pausing and reflecting on all great relationships life has given to me.  All visitors, family and friends that I have are responsible for the smiles, laughs and good times. Thank you all and I hope you had a great Thanksgiving Day! This is what you would have in my house   Jade Capri