An over 50 Year old male describe the feelings before and after having sex for the first time.

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An over 50 Year old male describe the feelings before and after having sex for the first time.

How long have I been thinking of contacting someone here, from a Brothel?

For most of my adult life, I thought to myself “If I never find a match for a girlfriend/wife, I can spend my spare time visiting Nevada.”  A close friend talked about bucket lists, which usually meant traveling to places and meeting women, and that these goals had to be achieved quickly, because we were already in our 40s.  When I told him that I couldn’t start living it up, because I had lost my life savings, he said “It shouldn’t stop you; you’re still single, and working at a good job!  Next thing you know, we’ll be in our 50s!”

Well, wouldn’t you know it; seems like he said that only months ago.  For many years I did the same routine(s) at work, and gaining a lot of weight, until a couple of events “woke me up.”

Here’s the best part… it really made me realize that I was missing out.

I’m feeling the pains that happen with old age, and they’re happening fast, not gradually.  I have a few people that love me, but I feel that without something physical, it’s not enough for a healthy life.  It looks that I will make an effort to visit Nevada to have experiences/parties with great women whenever I can in the future, but I need that special someone to get me started.

I had many doubts in my mind: Will I be allowed conversation while we’re together?  To practice a kiss or two?  To not be rushed?  I hope that I will not be too cheap, or worse… to discover that I’m out of my league financially, to try this.

I told Jade, “If my budget is too low for a quality birthday virgin party, tell me what it should be, then maybe I will visit another time after saving more money.”

She told me to come in and that we would work something out. I was sweating, that she might reply “Huh!  Try again later when you’ve saved up a lot more!”

Luckily, not the case for me.

I also want to thank Jade for letting me give something back, to help you out.  Here it is my Before and After.

How it is/was to be an adult virgin


.  For me, I was in a situation (home and work) where it was easy to avoid looking at that fact.  However, I was entering old age, feeling my potency diminish; and at the same time there was a big change in my life that “woke me up”.  I snapped.

.  In the past, sexual tension was easily remedied by “jacking off”; but now I couldn’t shake this loser feeling that I believe was killing me.  I tried my best to hide this tension, but other people around me could feel something.  I was getting asked a lot more personal questions lately that made me uncomfortable because I had to lie all the time.

.  I often thought about a relative who grew old and died a virgin.  I did not want to become a mean, unfulfilled, bitter-at-the-world person upon death.  I had to do something.

.  But I was very fragile.  I was already old.  Every day, all the time, I could think of very little else except that I needed to cure this virginity thing; and at this point I really needed someone to be kind to me also.  If my first experience didn’t go well, depending on how bad it was, I might have driven off a cliff, either on purpose, or by accident caused by distracting thoughts and lack of focus.

.  Fortunately, things went very well for me (and I have you to thank for it, Jade.  You are a life saver).

How it is/was to be an adult virgin


.  I can relax a bit; but now there’s a new tension of “I can’t get enough; it’s legal drugs!” – and all I’ll think about is finding creative ways to secure more spare time and money to catch up for all those previous wasted years   lol

.  I can answer “are you a still a virgin” questions without revealing details, unlike before, sweating with nervousness first before flat-out lying; OR, now I can choose to lie… “yeah, I still am” and not sweat ’cause I won’t give a shit anymore when people ask, knowing that I had a great first experience with one of the best women a guy could ever want.

.  I can think about other things again.  I will have sexual tension again in the future, and I will seek to satisfy that need when those times come.  I still envy guys who have happy families, marriages, and relationships, but I don’t think at this point in my life that I will join those ranks.  I’ll just work with the cards I have in my hand, so to speak.

.  An important lesson from you, Jade:  Remember to do things for yourself first.  If you’re going to help people out of an airplane’s emergency exits, put your own mask on, first.

Again, a heartfelt thank you for helping me out.  Although I may have walked away numb, it meant the world to me.  You gave me everything I needed and wanted; and yes, you saved my life.


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  1. I have read a lot and heard of stories of older men who were still virgins. I think Jade and he both gain a great deal from knowing that a helpful deed was done. He is a new man now. If you read this, remember how it truly feels to have that sexual healing. Now never stop taking that first step in having sex with a woman. As I have read more than once, Jade has helped other men become better men. As in life and dance the man has to take that first step. The second step is easier. I love happy ending. Well all need to experience a sexual high. Great ending. My hat goes off to Jade.

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