10 Things to do in Lake Tahoe by Jade Capri

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1 – Emerald Bay – 

The 1 mile hike down to the lake will reveal a beautiful house made of rocks, as well as detailed carved wood with a charming green area in the middle of the property. The trail is easy with wide roads, but only wide enough for walking. If you have a strong helper, you might venture in a wheelchair, but I recommend not going alone; make sure to have someone strong with you. If you can’t walk down for the hike, don’t be discouraged, the view from the areas designed for the viewing of the entire Bay. There you will read a little bit of the history and the marvelous ways nature chose to shape up.

There are also tables along the beach, as well as picnic tables. You also have option to bring beach chairs and towels.

Also, make sure to bring garbage bags to pick up you trash. I have heard that people launch their kayaks from Baldwin Beach in South Lake to go to Emerald Bay.


2 – Lake Tahoe Cruises – 

It’s a 2.5 hours scenic tour. They have a daytime cruise and a sunset dinner cruise. Look at the schedule for different hours. I was pleasantly surprised they have more than 2 options a day; I’m not sure if it’s because of the summer weather, but the keep it updated on their website.

When my family was in town they took the one that started at 12 PM. It was cold then, so come prepared with jackets, gloves, and whatever you may need to stay warm. I would also recommend sunscreen, whether its summer or winter. Also, a long-sleeve shirt/jacket just in case in summer. My mom has fair skin and used a light long-sleeve shirt to protect her from the sun and wind.


Schedule http://www.zephyrcove.com/cruises/cruise-schedule/

See the Cruise Boat on the picture above

3 – Hike –

I wrote separately about a few trails since I know a lot of people like to hike. Lake Tahoe and the surrounding areas are well known for having majestic views and great, well-kept trails for hikes. Few trails that I am familiar with are…

  *Squaw Valley (Shirley Trailhead)

– http://squawalpine.com/events-things-do/hiking-squaw-valley – It’s an amazing hike with priceless views. It’s easily found from the parking lot. Most of the trail is going up towards the tram, so be prepared as you won’t encounter much flat ground. I read in my health app it was the equivalent to climbing 124 floors. To give you a perspective, the Empire State building in New York City has 102 floors. You can take the Tram back down or hang out there for a sandwich and beverages, but check if it’s open before going up. Just in case, bring water, a hat, snacks/fruits. You will enjoy sitting for a while, eating and watching the rock formations, the mountains, and the water stream.

  *Van Sickle Bi-State Park Hiking Trail –

 It’s a trail that doesn’t end at the beaches of Lake Tahoe, but the views are to die for. It’s an easy trail and you can take amazing pictures. You will walk right under the gondolas in Heavenly. It’s pretty cool. You can do a loop at the trail. Bring water and sun screen; I forgot to re-apply and right now I look like a well done shrimp. http://www.tahoeactivities.com/van-sickle-bi-state-park-hiking-trail/

   *Spooner Lake Trail –

I like this trail because it’s not far from the highway and it’s an easy walk. If you don’t have a whole lot of time, but still want to enjoy the nature in Lake Tahoe and smell the pine trees, this is a great place to walk to and have a quick picnic. http://parks.nv.gov/parks/lake-tahoe-nevada-state-park-1


4 – Golf –

 Edgewood Golf Course is where the annual American Century Champion celebrity golf tournament is held and is a well-manicured popular course among golfers. This golf course stretches from the highway to the Nevada beach and has wonderful views of the lake. http://www.edgewoodtahoe.com/golf

You can also find:

Tahoe City Golf Course, https://www.yelp.com/biz/tahoe-city-golf-course-tahoe-city

Coyote Moon Golf course http://www.coyotemoongolf.com/ located in Truckee, Lake Tahoe Golf Course is located minutes from the casinos with beautiful views of the mountains https://www.golfnow.com/courses/1027479-lake-tahoe-golf-course-details

5 –  Rent a Paddle Board / Kayak / Bicycle –

When I started venturing out myself to Lake Tahoe for kayaking or paddle boarding, I rented equipment at $35 an hour in South Lake. Where I rented, they had a ratio for use. That worked until I found other places I wanted to venture to. I loved to paddle board so much that I decided to buy not one, but two paddle boards. This way I could invite friends to join me and there would be no excuses. I haven’t rented a bicycle there, but I see people ridding it and it seems fun.

For those visiting that don’t have a paddle board or a kayak, you can find many different businesses renting it along the lake with their own guidelines of use and safety. I think I found my inner outdoor self and you can do that, too.

Some places you can look for rentals are:

South Lake Kayak Tahoe, Ski Run Boat Co, South Lake Standup Paddle, SUP Tahoe- Stand Up Paddle, Actions Sports at Lake Marina

North Lake Tahoe EcoSports, Tahoe Paddle & Oar, Tahoe Adventure Company, West Shore Sports, Tahoe City Kayak (I haven’t used all the places listed, but you can search/call the above companies and choose the place that best fits your needs.)

6 – Zip Line, Scenic Gondola Ride – 

If you are in Lake Tahoe for the first time, visiting Heavenly and the surrounding is a must. It’s very easy to get to and has all the amenities you would need, whether you are alone or with family. To me, the magnificent view from the lake alone is a to-die-for-experience. I haven’t been to the zip line yet and, not even sure why, but I like the idea of trying it. Maybe when my mom is in town. Yes, my mom is a beast when it comes to zip lining. We did it together in Mexico.



7 – Camping – 

What can I say about camping that you don’t already know? I like several places in Lake Tahoe for Camping, but you would be better off searching for places that suit your needs and choosing the area that you like best. I can say that all the places that I saw are equipped with bathrooms, bbq areas, tables, trails to/from the lake. A complete infrastructure to make anyone happy. Here are couple links for North and South, but make sure you read more about it before making your decision.

South – https://tahoesouth.com/where-to-stay/rv-parks-campgrounds/

North – https://www.gotahoenorth.com/things/camping/

8 – Hot Air Balloon –

The only place in the country where the ballon is launched from a boat. It’s an amazing experience, from the start to the end. The groups to go up in the balloon are divided by 2 so the one of the groups can see it taking off and coming back to the boat and vide versa. The view is like no other. You can see it all at such peace. In one shot you will have a gorgeous view of Lake Tahoe and Lake Fallen Leaf at the same time. It’s a lift around 10.000 feet above sea level, as the website state, on a good day also, as was described in the website, you can see the peaks from Yosemite.

It’s a seasonal activity and it’s available from mid-may through mid-october.



9 –  Sand Harbor – 

Get there early to claim your beach real state for the day. There is a beautiful natural cove and it’s fair to say that this is one of the most gorgeous beaches in Lake Tahoe. This beach has several different sections and at least one part of it has wheelchair access. It’s easy to reach from the parking lot by any person of any age. You will be delighted with the turquoise water from a distance and crystal clear when you’re close-up. You can rent kayaks, relax for a hamburger in the local restaurant or climb on the rock formation. Locals pay a few dollars less than visitors, around $10 per car. But, be advised, the parking lot gets full quickly and there is no parking along the road. The parking lot is usually closed from 12 PM to 3 PM in summer. http://parks.nv.gov/parks/lake-tahoe-nevada-state-park

10- Have a PicNic Anywhere in Tahoe – 

Who knows me, know that I am a sucker for nature. I can just lay there and watch the sky or the pines trees move and make their sounds. Let’s not forget the soft waves at Lake Tahoe. In some areas that I will be delighted to show you, we can do it all at the same time. Bring a nice cooler, some beach chairs, beach towels and have a nice breakfast or dinner by the lake.

There are so many more places t explore and things to do in Tahoe and I encourage you to make extras days on your trip to see at least couple of those places or do some of the activities. I can always accompany you on the Nevada side for an outdate.

haha this is me just exaggerating, but we do this in Brazil 

Just email me for more info.



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