Curious about Prostate Massage?

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Curious about Prostate Massage GSpot?

Posted by Jade Capri on January 31, 2017

Growing numbers of both men and women are becoming intrigued by the possibilities of pleasuring the prostate gland. As a legal Nevada sex worker, I’ve been performing prostate massages for about 5 years. A percent of my clients request or are intrigued by prostate stimulation. I’m quite skilled at it and know how to do it safely. Now, it’s important for me to state that this activity is done for pleasure! Prostate massage opens up a whole new door to sexual satisfaction. Unfortunately, many men feel awkward or uncomfortable about requesting a prostate massage when they visit a sex worker, thinking that the simple fact of practicing it will make them feel less masculine, or even homosexual. But the truth of the matter is, the prostate, also called the “Male G-Spot”, is accessible only via the anus (which is itself an erogenous zone, by the way). If you’ve never experienced prostate massage, you should try it at least once! It’s the only way for you to know if it’s something you enjoy or not. The important thing to keep in mind is that both the giver and receiver must be into it. Then the rewards will be tremendous! When you have a willing, sexually creative partner, the most intense orgasms and the highest level of sensual bliss can be achieved.

It’s been known for a long time that women can have intense pleasure with anal stimulation. Now it’s time for you, the man, to learn what this anal play is all about it and why it feels so good! Sexual curiosity has always been part of the human mind — it’s what many people find so enticing about sex. I know you’re curious, so don’t pretend like I’m not talking to you. I will show you how to safely find and stimulate this little love marvel that is the prostate.

Know that us ladies will not find you less of a man for letting us touch and explore areas of your body. I can honestly say that I get very aroused by doing it. 

Locating your “Male G Spot”

Every man has a “male G spot”. The prostate lies just beneath the bladder and is easily reached by the insertion of a finger into the canal (see diagram below). The prostate’s normal function is to secrete a milk, alkaline fluid that protects sperm once semen has been ejaculated. It surrounds the top portion of the tube that carries urine out of the bladder (the urethra). The prostate is about the size of a walnut and actually changes in hardness just before and last during the orgasm. The whole canal up to the prostate is also full of nerve endings, making for a very pleasurable experience when massaged with the finger or a male toy. 


Before Starting 

Before you begin, it’s important to make sure you are ready. It takes a huge level of trust and intimacy between two people to do this right! Be gentle and careful when testing both your limits and the recipient’s limits as well. First, make sure you’ve emptied your bladder. Second, the giver must trim the nails well in order to prevent any tearing of the delicate rectal lining. Nails can cause injury even when gloves are worn! Third. make sure your bowels are emptied and your entire rectal area is very clean. I offer showers before and after. That will make us both comfortable about the experience. Fourth, you must be relaxed in order for your body to allow the passage of a finger, making it painless. The session should begin with an external massage. Your partner may touch and press on the gluteus maximus (the butt cheek!) in the direction of the anus. It could also start with a simple back massage. Or oral sex while simultaneously beginning to touch massaging the perineum (the skin between your testicles and anus) or the anal area itself. The whole idea is to arouse you and get you ready. I always encourage my clients to express what feels best when I am doing it. 

Jade Capri from Dennis Hof's Love Ranch near Reno, Nevada

Lubrication is essential

Whether a latex glove is used or not (a well-oiled glove will slide more easily than your bare skin), make sure the giver’s finger is covered in lubricant. I have my personal favorites and it works wonders for me and my partners. Affectionally and slowly insert one finger. When the time comes, you will feel that the finger is “sucked” in by the anus. Once the finger has been allowed in, hold still and allow the anal sphincter muscles to become accustomed to it’s presence. Do not move fingers in and out unless it’s to add more lubricant. It can become uncomfortable at this stage for the recipient to experience eve subtle moves. 

Finding the “G Spot” 

When your partner is more comfortable. it’s time to go deeper into the anus —about 5 centimeters (2inches). Move your finger in an upward motion against the anterior rectal wall (the side of the rectum that is closest to the recipient’s stomach). Slowly and gently try to find a round, bulb-like mass. This is the prostate. It’s important to breathe and relax the muscles of the whole body as well the anal muscles. If you become tense, you will lessen the probability of pleasure. 

Now that You’ve Found It… 

Once you’ve located the little male love mound, start massaging the prostate very lightly, using the pad at the tip of your finger. (Remember not to use nails!) A toy designed for men can also be introduced into the mix, however, I have learned that it is always better to start with the finger. 

Always ask your partner if he would like a little more or less pressure, or slower or faster motions. You can take breaks until the whole sensation is no longer foreign for the recipient. Depending on your level of intimacy, you can touch with your other hand, lick, stroke the penis in an up-and-down motion, he can stroke it as he pleases, or you can also perform oral sex while massaging the prostate. It may take some coordination on the part of the giver, but you will get the hang of it — and always remember: don’t apply your weight on the hand that you are using to massage the prostate! Once it’s fully aroused, you can begin to rhythmically move the partially inserted finger in and out to stimulate the super-sensitive nerve endings around the anus. I like to do this and reach for the prostate every time my finger slides back in.

During the male orgasm

A combination of events occur simultaneously when a man orgasms. The prostate gland releases prostatic fluid, which makes up about one-third of the total volume of semen and contains various enzymes, zinc and citric acid. I like to apply a firm but gentle pressure rhythmically or irregularly to the prostate before and during orgasm, which increases the duration of those wonderful sensations. I know you are about to cum even before you know it, because your prostate glad inflates and become hard as a rock!

Jade Capri
Jade Capri

Who should learn more about prostate massage 

• Couples interested in new ways to pleasure (yes, I can teach it)

• Adventurous and curious men of any age

• Men over 40

• Men with fetishes 

• Men with performance challenges

• Prostate cancer survivors

• Men with erectile dysfunction

• Seniors

Jade Capri
Jade Capri

Quotes from my clients

“I would agree that men have a genuinely hard time allowing anyone near their butt hole and prostate. I am very clean as a man and also very open and curious. There is a lot to feel and experience, so why not down there. I went in thinking I would not be as shy compared to if it was a girlfriend.  The initial play was arousing and really caught me off guard to how my body wanted to keep trying, as though it knew where to go. The feeling quickly vanished from embarrassing to pleasure. I have never felt that kind of pressure build up to the end. It was well worth my trip!” – R.

“If you’ve experienced ED and had prostate surgery, prostrate massage can give you additional stimulation.  It may assist you in keeping and or getting an erection, something prostrate surgery makes difficult “. I would also say the partner is as important as the practice.  It takes skill and patience and trust to make the experience special. I can say “JADE” has those skills” – A.

“I wasn’t sure if I was all in yet, but I did discuss my fantasies with my lover. Then, one night, soon after,  while we were making love and she was getting me hard, she pulled out a rubber glove. I had no idea what was coming. So she proceeded to lube up the glove and insert her finger into my butt hole. I was totally surprised. She slowly moved it deeper and deeper, taking care not to cause any pain. The sensation was very erotic and exciting. It didn’t hurt, but was very pleasurable. Once she had her finger all the way in, she proceeded to give me a prostrate massage. Something I had never experienced before. It felt very pleasurable and I was getting so excited, I chose to started jerk it. She continued to pleasure me and get me more and more excited. Eventually, I jerked my cock so hard with the excitement that I exploded with my cum. It was truly a fun, erotic and pleasurable feeling and experience and I ended with an amazing orgasm. I look forward to the next time my lover and I get to try this.” – R.

“I found out about this during a visit to the medical examiner. My regular doctor wasn’t available, so a female physician took his place. She was attractive and when she started the exam around there. I immediately got an enormous erection which caused her to become embarrassed.  Later I did some research and learned more about what had happened.” – M

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  1. this is something that has always been a curiosity of mine. It’s something I’m not ashamed to say I’ve experienced in the past and it is something I look forward to again eventually.

  2. I’m still hoping one day to experience this, Jade is correct when she says there is a large amount of trust necessary. Couldn’t think of anyone I’d rather try this with for the first time

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