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I recently got one of those viral Facebook thingies where you fill in things people don’t know about you and pass it on… though I am usually not much into them, I am going to share things with you that you probably didn’t know about me. I haven’t told many people…. Up to today. If you like my facts and want to meet me in person, send me an email jade@jadecapri.com
1: Between the ages of 13-15 I spent two years working for a family as a housekeeper. I used to try on the daughter’s shoes and she didn’t like it. Rightfully so!
2: When I was a young child in Brazil, I used to run back home after school because the girls there wanted to fight me. These days when I go back to my home town and I see them, it’s all good. I am also way taller now…lol
3: I was terrified of public speaking… it still scares me, but when I know about something you won’t shut me up. lol
4: I am extremely impatient when I want something. I know it’s not healthy.
On the other hand, I am extremely patient when it comes to a crisis, whether it is mine or others.
5: I am stubborn. More than I wish to be.
6: I was once attacked by a swarm of bees. I stayed in the hospital for two days. My mom said that I was delirious and talking nonsense for an entire day. And I was just 7.
7: When I was 16, I lived on my own for almost a year with my sister who is 1 year and 9 months older than me. During that time, I managed to over cook soup. lol I wanted to be free to have friends over and parties…. I didn’t have one single party or friend over besides my sister. We were too busy working to pay the damn rent.
8: I have a really good sixth sense. I can read people really well. I can say almost every time…. ” I knew it”.
9: I am very loyal. I will let you have it when I am unhappy, but I am still loyal.
10: I always try to see the good in every bad. I always think everything could have been worse.
11: I don’t like to buy things with my CC. I would rather pay for it and get it done.
12: One thing that I dislike about the US is that almost every person asks “what do you do for a living” right after asking your name, sometimes even before.
13: I haven’t learned how to swim. And it bothers me. Edited – To this and I am still haven’t learned it  😮
14: My favorite food is rice and beans ( Brazilian style), beef stew. I love when there are left overs so I can warm it up all together. It does not look so good but trust me….it is.
15: I think looks are a bonus, but the main factor for me is personality and that you can make me laugh.
16: If I ever get mad at you just give me 5 minutes. Let me breathe and I will come around.
17: I can say whatever I want about my loved ones but if you say something, I will fight back.
18: I love to hold hands and kiss.
19: I want to learn how to ballroom dance. Edit – I did try and it’s harder than I thought.
20: A lot of times I will act like a little kid. Please don’t judge me. (blush)
21: I hate to see people mistreated. I will probably say something if I see it. Once, in NYC, a cab driver was yelling at this girl on the streets. I saw it through a restaurant window. When I saw her starting to cry, I marched out of the restaurant with my date and asked what was going on. She told me that the ride was 10 dollars and the driver didn’t want to take her CC. So I paid for it and asked for the receipt. I told her that she should call 311 and report the driver.
22: I am a true romantic. I won’t list any of the embarrassing things I have done in the name of love… but I am definitely a true romantic at heart.
23: I was on the track team in high school and also the volleyball team.
24: I love dogs.
25: I can’t wait to take my nephews to Disney World.
26: I come from a big family and I would love to have my own. Not sure when though.
27: My favorite Holliday is New Years Eve.
28: When I get hooked on a song I’ll listen to it until I get tired of it.
29: I get bored easily.
30: As I am writing this, I have a baby staring at me so I will stop for a bit and show him a YouTube video of Elmo. If his mom only knew where I work…lol
31: I don’t hold grudges, but I don’t forget. Once the crystal is broken you can never piece it back together perfectly.
32: I love to travel. So far my favorite places have been Miami, Sao Paulo, NYC, Fort Lauderdale, Chile, Dominic Republic, Las Vegas..no more than 3 days.
33: Morgan Freeman and Kevin Spacey are my favorite actors. Also, I love Emma Thompson, Hellen Mirren and Meryl Streep as well, they are my favorite actresses.
34: I need to have breakfast in the morning. 3 egg whites and 1 whole egg.
35: When I first moved to the US, I didn’t know that everything you buy has taxes attached and at the restaurant, there are taxes plus a 20% tip ( Chicago at the time) lol . My girlfriend and I went to this place to eat, and we didn’t have much money. Before we ordered we looked at the prices, of course. So we ate, made friends with the waitress (don’t ask me how, we didn’t speak a word of English and she didn’t speak Spanish) and took pictures. When the bill came, we were more than 20 dollars off. It was so embarrassing. The girl was so nice to us that she paid the taxes and didn’t take the tip. We went back later and paid her back. We are still friends to this day after 9 years.
36: My celebrity crushes are Andy Garcia, Edward Norton, John Cusack and Kevin James.
37: I have a motorcycle license, but have yet to buy one here. I love the sports ones.
38: I am a big fan of UFC. Gotta love Anderson Silva. He moves like a gazelle and kicks like a horse.
39: I faint if I see blood, but if I have an emergency situation when someone needs me, I will be strong and help.
40: I call my poor mom at 2am sometimes…. Haha… She is my mom and I got her a cordless phone and she has it by her bed, so no excuses to not answer it..lol
41: I used to love to scare my nephews and nieces… Lol… They are still traumatized after so many years. We still have some good laughs about it.
42: I may sound bossy a lot of the time, but it’s just the way I speak. Okay… Maybe a little… But give me a break here 🙂
43: I love adventure. I am too responsible most of the times, so I like the feeling of being free.
44: I love comedies and jokes.
45: I am very outgoing and find comfort in any situation from a diner to gala.
46: I love, LOVE music. I can find a song that represents every mood I am in.
47: Although I like to be spontaneous, I tend to plan for everything and focus on efficiency.
48: I prefer value and material quality over the name brand.
49: I want to know that I could retire at age of 40 if I wanted to.
50: I want a luxury car but refuse to get one until i’ve reached my financial goals. (see #48)
51: I don’t quit even if I get a little discouraged. That make me think of # 13.
52: I offered to hold someone’s hand once on a turbulent flight. I think he appreciated it, but in fact I was the one scared to death. I suppose it helped both of us.
53: I want to do more charity work. It makes me feel good to do good for others. Edited – I have and it feel good to help others.
54: Edited – I have learned this week that when you put others need in from of yours, all your problems disappear, at least for the time being. Doing good to others make you feel good about the person you are.
55: I tend to think things are better in Brazil, but I think that is just my heart speaking for me.
56: All of you have been more in my life than my own family. They are actually starting to notice.
57: I am the only sibling that lives more than 20 minutes away.
58: I bite my nails when I am anxious about something.
59: I am a brunette. I know with blue eyes it would look really nice ( my sister does have dark hair), but I can’t see my self in the mirror with dark hair. It’s like seeing a monkey, it’s really weird to see my self with natural hair, although, I don’t think I will, but nowadays I am more like doing highlights only and leave part of my natural hair untouched.
60: My former manager Dianne (love this italian though woman), I know when she is done with me…lol… She just walks away… Lol
61: I am really jealous. I struggle sometimes with it. (Some things never change.. haha )
62: I can climb a tree really fast… I am sure you were dying to know that.
63: I wish I had spent more time with my dad.
64: I’m a really nosey and curious person at heart, so I often ask people that I barely know personal questions. More often than not, they answer them.
65: On the flip side, I rarely reveal personal details about myself in a conversation unless explicitly asked.
66: I accidentally cracked my sister’s foot open with a gardening tool. She was trying to work on my side of the job and I didn’t realize it would hurt that bad. I guess that’s what happens when your mom makes you do grown ups jobs…lol
67: One of the things that touches me the most is an unexpected gesture of friendship. You know, those little things that a friend does for you without even asking? I am also like that with my friends.
68: One time I had a very important final test in college and I burst out laughing. I couldn’t stop laughing. My teacher was mad, but then she saw how I was and started laughing as well. Then the whole class was laughing… over nothing!! She had stopped giving the test and waited until we calmed down. I don’t even know why I was laughing.
69: I love 69!!  ;D
70: I can’t travel with out my neck pillow.
71: I was once trying to show off roller skating and I fell in front of everyone. I could feel my face burning. I was so embarrassed.
72: I did watch more than one Mexican soap opera… I know..
73: The book “The Exorcist” scared me more than the movie. I kept thinking about the cut scenes.
74: I put mayo and mustard on my pizza. All Brazilians do it.
75: I am against racism of any kind.
76: I wish I knew how to play a musical instrument.
77: I believe that time can heal many things.
78: I have scars on my body. From an appendix surgery and also from playing when I was little. Neither bothers me.
79: I never had imaginary friends. I think if I did I would be scared. lol
80: When I was 7, I dropped my nephew and he broke his shoulder. I know it’s horrible. We laugh at it now.
81: I wasn’t the type of student to skip classes. My sister on the other hand, did it all the time and she always had better grades than me.
82: Once, when I was in a bar in NYC, a girl closed her self in the bathroom with me and she kissed me. I though it was weird, but fun.
83: I watch movies more than once in the same day at the movie theater.
84: I love sparkling water.
85: I take looooooonnnnngggggg showers. Ruby can testify to that…haha.
86: I cry when I watch movies, but the beginning of the movie UP made me cry in seconds.
87: I don’t like spiders and snakes, but the don’t scare me that much. I am just cautious about them.
88: I believe in superstitions. Do not put your purse in the floor or shoes on the table.
89: A lot of what you read about my sign, Scorpio, is true and some don’t apply to me.
90: I am the baby among my siblings.
91: My mom is like my daughter now. BTW, I need to call her when I land.
92: I am writing this on my flight to Washington, DC. I should be sleeping. I am so tired….
93: I get motion sickness really bad. But I won’t quit doing what I like. Boating and skydiving are some of my favorite activities. I am pretty sure I will get sick once I bungie jump.
94: I am a camera freak. ( I couldn’t use the other term) I take pictures until I find one that I like. But I guess all the girls are like that.
95: I like to sit in the aisle seat on a plane.
96: I laugh at myself about my misspelling and confusion that I cause with my sentences. Among so many funny stories, this is the most recent:,
I spoke with someone today and I told him I was late…
Someone: late? As your period?
Jade: no!!! I am talking about my flight!!
97: I chew gum when the airplane is landing It helps to pop my ears.
98: I can’t live without a straight iron for my hair. If I didn’t do my hair, I would look like a lion with rabies.
99: I once ran away from home when I was 4 only to be caught by the cops and brought back home. I couldn’t understand why my sister, who is 1 year and 9 months older than me, could go to school and I couldn’t. My mom ended up putting me at the same school as my sister 🙂
100: I love sleeping naked and waking up on Sunday’s when my sheets are cool.
101: I think about my mistakes.
102 : I don’t have a “type”.
103: When I contacted Suzette the first time, I almost wished she didn’t respond to it. What was I thinking?
104: I can’t sing, but I love to do it anyway.
105: I don’t care for Starbucks coffee. I find it too expensive.
106: I am pro- choice; however, I am not sure what I would do if I had to make one.
107: I never wake up in a bad mood.
108: I think glasses on a guy is the damn near cutest sight ever.
109: I would make Disney my early trip if could.
110: I usually walk fast, and have unknowingly left people behind until they pointed it out to me.
111: I have never met my grandparents .
112: There is always music playing in my car when I am driving.
113: I was part of the church choir between the ages of 8 and 11.
114: I am a shower freak, I think :mrgreen:, I take so many showers every day
115: I get dizzy/sick  if I write or read while the car is moving;
116:Okay… I admit, I can be a pain in the ass sometimes 😳 ;
117: I read safety information in when I am in a plane, but I wonder if I would do right if something ever happen. Hopefully I would.
118: I think that I am also addicted to beauty products. I have so many and I still buy more;
119: When I put something in my head it’s very rare that I will change my mind about doing it;
120: I am not claustrophobic, but I don’t like low ceilings;
121: I like to eat breakfast for dinner sometimes;
122: I love everything with coconut. Chocolate, water….;
123: I don’t like to watch scary movies alone; If I do, I must watch some cartoon or animal documentary so I can sleep after lol
124: I am obsess with my house. Color, decoration, cleanness…;
125: When I am getting ready to work I like to listen to music;
126: I like to listen to Bod Marley;
127: My favorite cake is Strawberry Short cake. The girl that is our chef, she make a delicious one.
128: I don’t like but I am most of the time a little late. Except at work, I swear that I will be late for my own funeral;
129: I feel guilty taking a day off. Edit – I do take more days off now as my happiness make my guests happy.
130: I seem to be compulsive while packing for a trip. I pack so many items that it’s embarrassing.
131: I am not claustrophobic but I don’t particularly like low ceilings.
132: Most of my watches are just for show. I don’t replace the battery. My cell is my watch.
133: I like to look pretty when I go to the gym, I know, kinda of shallow.
134: I can procrastinate some things that need to be done.
135: I love palm trees, they represent summer so well.
136: I wanted to share with you all that I am very happy how things are going for me lately. It’s like after all things are falling into places.
137: After so many times hearing about it, I am on a one month trial of Netflix. Edit – I do watch Netflix more than tv now.
138. I will end up going to English writing classes. I want to write properly.
139. This summer I want to kayak, river float, river rafting… Anything. But I want to do. Don’t forget that for me my summer includes summer time in Brasil too. So be patient with me…lol
140. I will keep trying to make my sister stop smoking, don’t matter how many times she tells me off.
141. I need a blanket when I sleep even in the summer.
142. If I ever write twice the same thing, please give me a brake. It’s hard to write about me with out freaking you out…lol…
143. I am the youngest of 6 children
144. Sometimes I feel as though Brasil is calling me home
145. I adore friends on a rainy day. Or on any day!
146. I’ve missed the opportunity of a lifetime more than once
147. I go thru periods where I crave sweets
148. I hate spending money on phones so I still have my Blackberry.
149. I’m a big kid at heart
150. I love, love, love fireworks!
151. No matter what I do in life, I hold on to one statement that gets me thru: “I’m going to be alright”
152. I am good at keeping secrets.
153. I enjoy a really good steak, even though I could easily go without meat for the most part in my diet
154. I sleep with 4 pillows 
155. I love to talk “non sense”. In fact. It is my favorite kind of talk!
156. I feel cold very easily. I sleep with a blanket even in the summer.
157. I do not like lies and pretends.
158. When I am speaking, I use OK as comma. I don’t know why… Super weird lol
159. I am not really ticklish but when I feel it …. OMG!
160. I believe that the eyes speak louder than words.
161. I was attacked once by a man. Turned out I was stronger than my attacker and I kind kicked his ass. True story. My sitter was with me but she froze. I saw my whole life passing throughout my mind when it happened. I have never felted that before or after it.
162. I am very easy going and at the same time very difficult to deal with sometimes. 
163. I walked out of a hair saloon twice because I didn’t like the way my hair was being done. I said sorry but I would finish it home. You know when they are styling your hair and is not the way you like it? That was how I felt.
164. If I was asked what name I would like to have it would be Claudia. It’s interesting because I could have been Claudia here but never occur to me. 
165. Every time I watch a scary movie I have hard time being alone in the dark.
166. I felt in love at first sight more than once.
167. Even when I say that I give up, I never really do.
168. I don’t worry about what people think of me. I get amused but don’t worry about it.
169. When I started college I had 2 jobs and that was tough, no time to sleep so I used to take naps here and there. Once I got caught sleeping in my job and another time I woke up thinking was the next day and got ready to work ( working at the casino I used uniform in the beginning) just to realize that I was late to catch my bus and had to go to school dressed with shirt and bow-tie lol
170. Hahaha… Not that no one cares, I prefer the toilet paper to roll off the top lol.
171. I love talking about relationships and human interaction.
172. When someone would ask what I wanted to be when I grew up, I said a teacher. I don’t think I really knew what I wanted to do, but having a answer kept the adults happy.
172. Since Sunny mentioned. We watched together the movie Rio. And it’s one of my favorites of all times. She wears eye lashes that look beautiful on her and they are long so we joke that it’s like the birds wings and she will fly away with it. So when you see us singing “Rio Rio” that is what we are referring to.
 173. I am a very optimistic person.
174. I truly believe that everything happens for a reason.
175. I believe people are afraid of taking chances and seeing where life takes them.
174. I have loved several times in my life but been in love twice.
175. I don’t fall easily but when I do I fall hard.
176. I believe you can overcome any obstacle and challenge life grows at your way if you have love and support.
177. I only trust a limited few.
178. I am clumsy at times.
179. I don’t loose things. Misplace yes, but not loose it.
180. I am afraid of horror movies. I have a over active imagination 🙁
181. I love the feeling of being tangled up in someone and falling asleep in someone’s arms. 
182. I sing obnoxiously off key in the car lol
183. If any word could describe me it would be unique.
184. Rest assured, I am a beacon of honesty! If there is something you want to know, just ask me and I will answer it, though keep in mind, don’t ask questions you don’t want answered.
185. I love surprises and love surprising people but never tell me you have a surprise for me because I will nag you until you tell me what is it. Lol.
186. If I had a magical power it would be turning invisible.
187. If I were to die tomorrow it would be without regret.
188. There is good in everyone.
189. People create their own evil.
190. I could improve a thing or two about my self. I know that.. You don’t have to tell me  hehe
191. Our flaws is what make us human.
192. I get humor out of dumb things.
193. I don’t ever want to rely on someone else to take care me. I can work. 
194. If I ever needed to be taken care of in a event of anything happen to me physically for example it would be nice to know that I would have someone to do so.
195. I forgive but some things I can’t forget. I know… Not a good thing but I can’t help.
196. Life throw you a curve ball and it’s up to you to either catch them or let it hit you.
197. I think it’s the moments that bring you to your knees where you are expecting defeat and yet somehow find the strength to get back up and move  forward that makes life worth living.
198. No one ever said life would be easy, frankly it can be real ******* sometimes.
199. If it was that easy it wouldn’t be worth it.
200. It’s those defying moments that make you the person you are.
201. I don’t care for infomercials. They are so annoying. 
202. I am a girl that can be both, shy and outgoing at the same time.
203. Honestly, loyalty and great sense of humor are very important to me.
204. I am very confusing at times, so you need to be up for the challenge with me.
205. I am pretty laid back and I am interested in people that are the same.
206. I can be lazy at times, but I am still a very hard worker.
207. I am perfectly willing to make a fool of my self at any time.
208. I am kind of a smart ass at times, so you will have to find away to deal deal with it. lol
209. It’s been said that we are moved by inspiration or desperation. I have done both. 
210. I can be simple or all the way to intense, depends on what feels good or I can’t control lol
211. I can find at least 3 or more things to do before leaving out of the door, even though I am late.
212. I am mad at myself now because I forgot to charge my computer, cellphone and Ipad.
213. My latest super power wishes are that I could travel in time, past and present. Edited – reading this does not make much sense to me now. I think that I meant future.
213. I buy things that you would never buy for your mom, but mine, she likes it lol. It could be a old brum that she would like.
214. If I could choose a age to live forever it would probably be my late 30’s. Just because I think things will be more into places then.
215. If I could choose anyone to be my mentor it probably would be Jack Welch. I find him to be a strong man and as much though love he would give to me I would be thankful he did.
216. Have I told you that I despise bullying, I am saying it again.
217. The lowest point in my life was when my then boyfriend passed away. That change in my life made me stronger but, man, was that a difficult time.
218. I absolutely believe in Karma. It has everyone’s address.
219. My childhood aspiration was to me my old town Mayor. My sister used to work as his direct secretary and every time I visited her, he was so nice to us and let us be in his office. I though he had the best place of work in the whole entire world..lol
220. I think that by reading books your imagination can be better than any director. Of course imagination not always make things possible, but, hey…. I am allowed to it. 
221. Growing up what got me in trouble the most was to play little house. I wanted to cook so my self and my sister we used to make real fire for it. lol .. Boy, did that made my mom mad. I was just 8 and had no idea house catch on fire.
222. My family always tells me that I need to make more time for them 🙁 I know I do. 
223. Isn’t Disneyland/DisneyWorld just a people trap operated by a mouse? lol. I just thought this was a funny one. 😆
224. I want to do zip-line somewhere. Costa Rica looks pretty good now. Edited – I did it in Mexico and my mom was with me.
225. I think people are basically good that make bad decisions, whether it’s because it’s the easiest way or because they like to see bad things happen.
226. I believe that if you haven’t vote than you can’t complain.
227. I love art, some I don’t understand, some it’s just beautiful to look at it. In terms of pictures, I like colors. Color will always attract me more as opposed to big names.
228. As for now I am “NOT going out of business” if anything “I AM going out FOR business” 
229. My Dates/Parties are done by time.
230. If I haven’t responded to my email when you sent a email to contact me, please forgive me as my emails where going to Spam folder. I just realized after knowing that a email was supposed to come in and I never got in my inbox. I will respond to all as soon as I can. 
231. If you have twitter and you look for @funny_truth aka Grumpy Cat you will read some stupid things there but I do sometimes feel like retweeting some lol… then I remind my self that I am a lady. Edited – Not so much anymore
232. Some situation or people just make me want to lol lol lol and lol.
233. Thank you guys for always having my back. I can not even tell you how much I appreciate it, but on the other hand I can show you lol.
234. Never be shy to ask me a question. If you read about me and/or are contemplating seeing me, please, send me a email or PM. I will be more than glad to respond it. 
235. I weight 155lbs, I have no problem telling this to anyone. I don’t believe in micromanaging my weight as the water in your body make a difference on a scale 2 to 5 pounds. I stand 5’8″ and my body is firm as I like it to be. I have a brazilian booty and you are more than welcome to squeeze my ass to feel how firm it is. :p
236. My pictures have no photoshop done to it. The sleeves at least. Professionals are airbrushed.
237. I have found friends in the most unusual places and I love that. I see people for who they are.
238. Thank you so much for always reading my facts. It make me feel special that all of you take the time to be interested on what I have to say. Love you all.
239. I once had dinner on a table by a very famous actor. I wanted to ask for a picture but I felt that would be cool to act like it was no big deal him being there.
240. Last tv show I saw was the killing. Awesome and first season is on Netfrix.
241. One of my favorite appetizer is spinach dip with home made chips.
242. I learned to like sour patch candy, fruit Popsicle, raisinets, but not all at once.
243. My worse injury is a leg cut that happened when I was trying to equilibrate my self on a fence. I ran to the corn field afraid my mom would kill me lol, but when I started bleeding too much my sister called my mom. Never got stitches on the injury.
244. I can make home bread and pasta. It’s quiet delicious. 
245. My dad passed away on a Easter Day  🙁
246. I really get drawn by a nice smile.
247. I love painting my toes neon color in the summer.
248. Haaa… I am jack of all trades and master of none.
249. I don’t like to brush my teeth in the shower.
250. Family is a haven in a heartless world. 
251. I have few closest friends in the world and they couldn’t be more different.
252. I can absolutely not go grocery shopping when I am hungry. I buy so much food that I should not even touch. 
253. If you couldn’t tell already. I may be the most writer in the world.
254. I wasn’t wearing any make up when I made my international drivers license. 
255. I have been wearing the same jewelry for weeks now.
256. I stay up late almost every night and regret it every morning. 
257. In some point everybody sees a mirage even though you are not in the desert.
258. When I was on my teens I wanted to be a runway model but I was too short and my hips were larger than what was the maximum required.
259. True crime shows always get my attention.
260. I rather be hot then cold and every winter I wonder why I don’t live in Florida.
261. I am a Scorpio.
262. I like Hello Kitty. Just find it cute.
263. The first time police pulled me over I was excited because I had my drivers license, they took me in anyways with my mom, my baby niece and all the groceries lol. It wasn’t my fault. The place where I worked for didn’t have the car documents up to date 😯
264. My face was full of freckles when I was under 12.
265. I used to get red as a tomato when teachers called my name in class lol. 🙄
266. I fell once in the tub here at the ranch. It was kind scary.  
267. To pay back the state for my 50% scholarship I worked at a nursing home for one and half year. The old ladies where so cute. I gave bath to them and they asked me to put baby powder on them. I worked from 11pm to 7am, worked at the nursing home until 2pm, then sleep.
268. When I was little I saved one of our chicken that was sick by given my own medicine. No one knew until the chicken got better and my mom caught me giving it on a spoon lol. 
269. I helped raise total of 7 pigs until I was the age of 11. My family raised one a year to have the pork meat for Christmas. We used to baked the head with a apple in the mouth for New Years Eve.
270. I ate plenty on things that may sound gross to you lol.
271. My old sister cut my hair until I was 12yo. She did a good job at it.
262: I dislike people that bring me down and others. Relationships should help you, not hurt you and I mean any type of it. 
263: I should wake up at least 30 minutes before I have to.
264: I don’t have fear of change, but I dislike when good things do change.
265: I often think “what is the most important thing I can do today for my own well-being”. Do I always get to my goal? No, but I try again.
266: I try to be who I really am. Sometimes it doesn’t work in my favor, or others lol 
267: I value a little act of kindness more than anything.
268: We all should recognize when we are making excuses to our selves. I am guilty as well. 
269: I want to learn how to build a fire. How cool is that. And before anyone say it. Of course I would do it safely.
270: If and when I have bad news to my sister, I always tell the bad ones first. I avoid telling them to my mom. She worries to much about me. 
271: I need to learn how to change a tire. I may need to do it my self someday. Lol
272: I don’t think I can ever travel light. I am horrible at packing only what I may need.
273: I passed on my parallel park test on my first trial.
274: When something really amuse me, I quiet chuckle
275: I usually walk fast
276: When I have unexpected time off I like to drive somewhere. Anywhere.
277: There is times when I will be satisfied saving money and other times I will be satisfied by saving time.
278: It’s hard for me to get rid of things that are emotionally important to me
279: I love riding bicycle yet I never seem to have a chance to do it.
280: I have looked for things that were right on my hands lol
281: Today is Brazil’s Independence Day and I miss when I was a kid going to a parade. All the schools, military, police, mayor and anyone that contribute to the community were in the parade. The fanfare used to be so nice to hear.
281. I love dogs. My dream is to have the one like Target commercial. Reality is, I can’t even take care of it right now.
282. I need to keep lists of things to do otherwise I forget in seconds now days.
283. I live in East Coast. I worked for a “real company” in a “real corporate” environment.
284. That job only lasted 5 months before I was like, I can’t do this anymore.
285. I actually sold clothes from my car for some time to help pay for bills.
286. That made me realized that I wanted to make my own clothes and if I need, I would do it from my car all over again. I kind do it lol
287. After that I watched when I was on my way to Brazil a TV show the story about the tshirt company “Life is Good” and they started selling for a van. So that made me feel normal. They were so inspiring.
288. I really dislike wasting time helping people that don’t want to continue the work or don’t care.
289. I love those Mrs Field cookies.
290. I secretly wanted to be a model. I was 128lbs and they told me I would have to loose 18lbs or more, so I went to college lol
291. I loved food trucks when I left clubs in NYC.
292. I never ate peanut butter until a year or so ago and smores until maybe a month and half ago. Thanks Cherry and Ally lol ( now I love it)
293. I had a moment wearing only dark clothes in school. That lasted less than half year. I like colors too much for that.
294. I love to lay out in the sun.
295. I want to hike Kilimanjaro, it may be sooner than I planned. Cross you fingers for me.
296. I though that I would never, ever be drunk enough to karaoke. I was wrong and I am not even drunk.
297. I love fruits.
298. I can’t stand when I have some habits changed on my daily life. That makes me a control freak. It’s ok.
299. I love to take photographs wherever I go, like that was a secret lol – On the flip side I will tell you where it was if I want to.
300. I can eat same food, day-in-day-out and not get bored.
301. If you strike the right chord with me, I can ramble on and on for hours. Not sure how good of deal this is. 🙂
302. If GOD asked me do you believe Angels? I would say ”Yes, my Dad and my Brothers”
303. Cutting me off from my own decisions is the best way to torture me 🙁
304. When you think you are controlling me that is when you have lost me.
305. I believe that surviving in this world does not requires one to be mean to people.
306. I believe that accepting and respecting people is one of the things that make you happy. So don’t be the above.
307. I would never laugh and dislike who does laugh of someone that trip and fall.
308. As a kid, I though the coolest thing in the world was to write a check. I thought that paper was magical. I had in my mind that my sister didn’t need money because she had a check. How stupid was that? lol
309. I like neat and tidy bed with a crease free sheet on it (just like you see in your hotel rooms) and I need to fluffy out my pillows. Most of my clients help me fix the bed the way I like it.
310. I can’t go to bed with out washing my face and applying moisturizer.
311. I almost fall asleep driving when I was 23yo. I did for a sec or two, because I end up on the opposite lane.
312. I don’t worry about what you think of me, unless you are someone very important in my life. Even that will take me some thought, because I believe that what you think of me is not my business.
313. I love chocolates (Note to self: You can bribe me chocolates into doing almost anything) #truestory
314. I believe You only see what you want to see.
315. I don’t post my pictures on other ladies threads unless I am invited to do it.
316. Body odor is a big turn-off to me.
317. When I get home most my family members say “el jefe” ( the boss ) is back
318. If I don’t talk to you in a while, that doesn’t mean I’m pissed off at you, and neither that I don’t care about you.
319. I try to sleep at least 6 hrs a night. I swear lol
320. People might be surprise that I can make a sweater from scratch.
321. My guilty pleasure is hmmm so many, but I think the main one in chocolate cake. Brasilian Nega Maluca.
322. Best advice I ever got so far? ” Don’t give up on your dreams, no matter how absurd it sound” wise words from someone that I will never see again, but will always be in my prayers.
323. My next vacations will be on the beach, note that I didn’t say travel.
324. My personal mantra is “Action conquers fear” — Peter Nivio Zarlenga
325. When I am off, a lot of times I wear yoga pants and snickers.
326. Best way to make a good impression on me is a friendly hello with a smile and direct look.
327. I love little surprises.
328 – Fact – I love sunny days. As we “speak” I am outside enjoying a nice blood mary and life seems to be good. No…wait… “Life is good” ( like those tshirts? I love those).
329: If it’s not the true, I am not interested. I rather you always tell me the true, I respect that more.
330: I am very independent, but I like to have a person that makes decisions with me.
331: I love shoes
332: I love lingerie. Can’t you tell? 🙂
334: I like when people are not afraid to be themselves. Even if that may not be attractive for some. That just means they are not for you.
335: If I get promised something, I will expect that. If you are not serious about it, just don’t promise.
336: I dislike being misunderstood. If anyone feel that way, talk to me and we will fix it. ( My sister was upset with me for something that she didn’t understand over a email, once we spoke, she was fine and understood what I was saying, so this is a good example)
337: I love to have my alone time when I chose to take it. I think everyone is like that.
338: I can be emotionally sensitive.
339: I am most the time observing my surroundings.
340: I am in fact shy, so don’t be afraid to make the first move.
341: I value loyalty and bonding.
342: I am very passionate.
343: I am thinking now… My sex life didn’t start great, but sure has become great.
344: This one remind me of Tamela. I don’t like low ceilings.
345: Once I have made up my mind, I won’t change it. Period.
346: I have got an intensity that I can not even believe.
347: People have often called me “an enigma” or “hard to figure out.”
348: Not that I want people figuring me out, just live for our today 😉
349: I am possessive of what’s mine.  😳
350: I am a faithful friend and totally emotionally supportive.
351: I tend to keep my emotions to myself – and consider myself a bit secretive.
352: If someone does me wrong, and I can’t see the point of it, I am done. I conceal a mass of emotional intensity over every hurt and every wrong that has ever been done to me. :/
353: I Love a challenge.
354: I have the same beliefs about life, politics, and religion that I did a few years ago.
355: I am protective of anyone that I am close to.
356: I keep my projects and goals to the end, even if I am bored with them.
357: I prefer to be quiet because I know that if I begin talking, all of that intensity may come pouring out.  :p
358: I have learned all too well that not everyone appreciates, or can handle, such a depth of emotion
359: I have great capacity for kindness
360: I have a true desire to do good in the world
361: I have ability to connect with people who are suffering or are in pain
362: I am very passionate about whatever it is that I undertake.
363: I rather lose someone then not being happy doing what I do.
364: When I tell you my specials, are special, believe me.
365: I do love inspirational quotes, they pass a message and inspire.
366: I have never broke a bone.
367: I am currently learning the National Anthem.
368: I am right handed.
369: I try not to wear make up when I am not at work. Just Maskara.
370: The wist thing that can happen to me is losing a family member or friends. It hurts way to much.
371: I want to visit Oregon, since it’s fairly close to here.
372: Gossip annoys me.
373: I would like to have a dog. But I may have write this already :mrgreen:
374: I like to wear jeans whether is skinny, bootleg, leggings style. A lot times it has to be starchy because of my ass lol.
375: I wear seat belt at all times.
376: I wouldn’t mind having brown eyes, but blue is just fine 🙂
377: I think that I look more like my mom.
378: Since my bed it higher than normal, I kind hate when I drop the remote control on the floor. I have to get up all the way to pick it up and then I feel like going to the bathroom …okay okay… TMI.
379: I am 5’8″ and my shoe size can be 8,5 for sneakers and boots and 9 for sandals and high heels. It just depend of the making.
380: If I had to chose a type of cheese it would be swiss, but I like the brielle too 🙂
381: Sorry Vegans out there. I like steaks, but I also like veggies 🙂 My stake I like medium.
382: I am reserved until I get to know you.
383: I am considering a living will, this way if something happen to me, my mom won’t have to worry about things.
384: I will always do my best to hear both sides before judging. If I do it at all.
385: If you hear that I betrayed your confidence, ask me. I don’t betray people.
386: I am insatiably curious, I ask why and what does that mean a lot.
387: I don’t cut corners.
388: I will never miss the opportunity to have someone rub or scratch my back.
389: I try to never use words carelessly. It can never be retrieved. If I do, I am sorry.
390: I am humble and polite, but I don’t let anyone push me around.
391: I once went to a girlfriend’s house that I had the keys to make dinner for us, but didn’t know her roommate. Problems is, it was on the wrong street and obviously on the wrong building, but the key opened the door and the guy saw me waking in the apartment and I said “hi” he talked to me for a while before saying anything. I was mortified, but thought ” how crazy” he didn’t even stopped me. lol
392: My niece whistle like a boy, super loud and I think it’s so cool. I try sometimes, just can’t seem to get it right.
393: I always return shopping carts to the right area. I feel bad if I don’t.
394: I will always try to push people if that means something good for them.
395: Sometimes I think about getting a small, cute tattoo.
396: My favorite kind of people are the kind ones and the ones that can make me laugh.
397: I don’t have allergies, but I do suffer a little with the dryness in NV. Edited- I think I have now allergy to Halibut 🙁
398: Although I am tolerant to pain, I don’t like to feel it.
399: I am have some superstitions. Not to the extreme, but you will never see me putting my purses on the floor.
400: I am passionate about seeing people happy.
401: I have a repeat on 4 songs now. I do get tired of listening it after a while 🙂
402: I want to ride on a hot air ballon. Edited – I did it and it was amazing!
403: I got back playing volleyball. It can be on concrete or sand. My body feel beat up after, because I just want to do it al lol. Last time I played was for 4 hours.
404: I love hanging out with kids. They are so much fun and never get tired. It’s exhausting, but super fun.
405: Btw, no, I don’t have kids. Just like 100 nephews and nieces. When we get together is who can be more stupid lol
406: I can walk for hours, maybe that is why I enjoy my hikes.
407: Right now, I am reading Rose Water – it’s a book turned into a movie about a man that was captured by Iran.
408: I listen to political radios. I get amused sometimes how people are so ……. ( how do you call when a horse has that thing covering his eyes?)
409: I like the chocolates that have coconut inside, like Prestigio( Brazilian) and Almondjoy
410: I like to walk bare foot on sand
411: I wish I could sing, Really sing, like Idina Menzel does.
412: My DVR is 95% full. I seriously record everything and then never have time to watch it.
415: I had my first kiss when I was 8 in the school. I still remember his name though I have no idea what happened to him after our teacher took him away :0
416: I was involved in 3 car accidents in less than 5 moths last year ( believe it or not, none my fault, got paid for all) . On the third one, I saw this mother that was going to get her daughter at school and she started to cry after hitting my 2 weeks old bumper. So I was like… the glass is half full, half full. Come over here. No need to cry. I know what to do. Everything will be okay.
417: My kindness should never be taken for weakness. Who knows me, knows that I am anything, but weak.
418: I seek perfection in most of the things I do. Needless to say I get frustrated a lot times lol.
419: I can be irritating to some for everything that I google and search for answers. I say “This will drive me insane, so you know I will look for the answer” lol
420: I have never smoked pot. None of my friends in teenager years did, so I first saw when I moved to US, but never smoked.
421: I smile by my self a lot when I am seeing things that people send to me or what they write 🙂
422: I am such a dork. I love pinadas, 80’s disco light, just dress up to be silly, anything that probably will make people laugh at me 🙂
423: I have faked not knowing English to get out of a situation.
424: I have burned my tongue/lips countless times and I still try my tea, coffee, hot chocolate right after it is boiling. How can I be so stupid lol
425: I wear two different colors of socks just because.
426: I am so mean when I am plucking my sister’s eye browns, or anyone’s for that matter. I think it’s easier to just feel the pain once.
427: I pull the surgical tape that the doctor use after doing blood really fast, just so I torture my self only once.
428: I started writing erotica. I have such a dirty mind and I love it. Of course someone will have to help me edit my grammar, but this is besides the point lol
429: What I like is a person that is always open to learn my body and not assuming that they know me as they been with other women.
430: I don’t like a kiss when a man just try to stick his tongue all the way in side of my mouth. It doesn’t do anything for me.
432: If I tell you that I don’t want to discuss a certain thing. I really don’t. It’s better to just change subject.
433: I have met my best friend more than once.
434: My favorite think in a rainy day is to smell the dust smell rising.
435: If I was still living in Brasil, I probably would be living with my mom.
436: I just start learning Italian.
437: One of my childhood memories is me and my sister digging for sand in this sand bank area to make a volleyball court. Problem is that every time it rain we would have to rebuilt it. At 8yo our engineering skills were not very good lol
438: I have had so many unforgettable days in my life. One of them is when we were moving from the country to the beach. My brother was driving a Volkswagen bug, the old model with me, my 2 sisters, my mom and my nephew for 7 hours.
439: One of my biggest pet peeve is seeing someone thinking that they are better than others.
440: If I won a million dollars, I would certainly do something for my family, pay off my investments and help start a after school program for kids around here.
441: I respect a person that keep its word as my word is more valuable to me than anything.
442: Ten years from now I should be spending half of my year in US and the other half in Brasil
443: Traveling in between 🙂
444: I am into flats ( shoes) now. I got couple pairs while in Brasil and it looks like a ballerina shoes
445: One of my biggest fears is fall in a river, ocean or any body of water inside a car
446: One of many embarrassing stories that I have is talking to a friend inside the class room how much I liked this boy and he was right outside and heard it all. He didn’t like me though.
447: My OCD habit is my hair routine. The way I wash it, condition it, use leave in conditioner and brush, then dry and straight. My hair dresser already know and she don’t take it personally anymore as I like to dry it and style my way lol
448: I love that I get iTunes cards for movie rental. You guys make my movie days 🙂
449: I love everything else that is sent to me as well. Even if it is a pen. I like it 🙂
450: I need to go out more so I can wear everything I have multiple times 🙂
451: My biggest dream in life would be, leaving a bicycle ride away from my family, but in my own house. They get a little chaotic sometimes lol
452: My favorite recipe to make is chicken stroganoff – Brazilian style of course 🙂
453: I love a place that have all seasons even though Summer is my favorite.
454: Never to judge anyone from looks.
455: That physical appearance doesn’t play as large a role in attraction as people might think.
456: I have had a 80yo man that had more stamina than many, so I believe that age does not define you.
457: That verbally stating your desires can make wonders on how your sex life will be.
458: That men that visit me have become friends and really care about me.
459: That Demanding better sex can improve both your sex life and your self-esteem.
460: That I sell my “time” as a lawyer, accountant, etc… would sell their “brains” to a client looking for him.
461: That I am very good in understanding and doing what people want even though they don’t know they wanted it.
462: That most people want to experience the feeling of intimacy that comes with a committed relationship.
463: That our personal fetishes/kinks and what we desire are nothing to be embarrassed about it.
464: When you connect with your self, that is when you are able to connect with others. 

465: I enjoy a place with a pool, but I would rather live close to a body of water.

466: I miss the times I used to play sports with my sister and a girl friend. Life seems to go by way to fast.

468: That same friend called me today to say that she had a dream about me. She said that I told her I wanted to move to UK. Funny thing is that yesterday I had a date with a British boy. I told her and she was like, “see? I know what you are doing” lol

469: It’s so bad, but I used to prank call police in Brazil from the paid phone. I have no idea why I did that.

470: I have a belly piercing, two piercings on each ear and want to do another one. I find it cute.

471: Depending my mood I like loud music. I guess mostly when I am in my car or cleaning the house.

472: I shave my legs every day. I keep debating if I should do laser.

473: I have a particular routine in the morning to get ready. Actually two, one routine the days I wash my hair and one the days I don’t.

474: Something that is constantly in my mind, “How can I better my self today”

475: Do I get sided tracked? Sure, a lot. But I make priorities and get a lot done daily.

476: I don’t like when People think they know everything about me.

477: I have a pet peeve with Dog owners that don’t clean up after their dog

478: I get so mad when I Leave a tissue or a receipt in a pocket and put it in a washing machine, specially if it is dark clothes.

My facts on Christmas and when I was a child

479: Everything is a reason to have a family get together;

480: On Christmas Eve we wait for Santa to show up, that in our minds showed up in a carriage with al the “renas”. Nine ore them 

481: We decorate our Christmas tree with new and old ornaments. My mom still have some from when she was a little girl.

482: We eat that sweet bread with fruits. Panetone. I didn’t like much when I am little, but now I eat one slice.

483: Me and my sister, for several years, participated in the choir for the church. We were angels singing in latin in the midnight mess on the 24th.

484: One Christmas, after years we found out that it was my older sister dressed as Santa and did all this weird stuff including drinking from her ear. over the costume.

485: I used to be scared of Santa, but you can imagine why lol

486: We make turkey with stuffing, but it’s a different stuffing than Americans.

487: Several years that I can remember, we planted our own Christmas tree

488. If you haven’t heard my podcast, one of my embarrassing moments was fall from a bicycle in from of a house of this boy that I liked.

489. I don’t have a favorite song. I like different genre in different days.


490. I have a cute little dog, he is a Schnauzer. 

491. I was never a person to do online dating. I always felt awkward talking online with someone, until I became a courtesan.

492. I do not like cigarettes or cigars. 

493. One of my idea of a perfect date for a day time is, dress casual, find a place to hike to or a place that is easy to park and have a meal while talking. Then lay there on a blanket for a while.

494. I did once a professional photoshoot and the photographer asked me to smile, then he said, ok, smile won’t work lol. When I smiled then my eyes used to shut almost all the way. 

496. My older sister and brother got me so into DYI last year. We, together made a miracle in my house. They are so good that I was like whoa… where were you all my life?

497. Me and my brothers and sisters work well together. I love having people like them in my life. We are a good team.

498. My next project is a raised flower bed

499. I got into broiling my protein and veggies. So now I switch between grilling and broiling.

500. I love grilled pineapple495. I want to buy a motorcycle soon, well, not sure how soon :)

As I read my facts, I think, how I wasn’t embarrassed to say all of that? lol
But I learned very early in age that if you are not your self, you won’t be happy. Trust me. Be your self works, maybe not for some, but it will work. Don’t ever do things only to make others happy. Do because it make you feel good and if feeling good is goofy, be goofy.

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