What is that entices men so much about a GFE – Girlfriend Experience?

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What is that entices men so much about a GFE – Girlfriend Experience with a lady for hire? 
What are men of all ages looking for when considering a date that includes a GFE experience?
Sometimes men need a shoulder to lay on and other times a beautiful and sensual woman to make love to. You want a complex woman, but not a predictable one, a true GFE. 
What you are looking for is not just the real act, but everything that comes with it. A man that looks for a GFE experience is not only looking to satisfy his main sexual desires, but to reciprocate everything in between with a special woman. It’s more likely emotional connections are made when there is not only sex, but your inner thoughts and feelings are shared with someone you care for; whether you have just met or she is a person that you have been seeing and feeling chemistry with. 
Experiencing a GFE date with a lady that you have a mutual agreement with does not have to be a mechanical encounter. Many times myself and my guest end up experiencing the so-called GFE because he didn’t have a “party” in mind. It is that mutual affection and desire combined when you are alone and know that you are ready to spend a great time together.
Looking for a temporary girlfriend does not mean a lady will fill the shoes of a real girlfriend or pretend to be one. It means we both know that what is about to happen is a matter of two connecting and consenting adults choosing to have an amazing time while together. To me, what happens when we chose to have the girlfriend experience is like: I am on this amazing date with someone and for that time being, he is the only person that exist and my full attention goes to that person only. 
Giving pleasure is also what makes men take pleasure in the date. They want the lady to tell to them what to do or where to go and not feel shy when it comes to desires. Men want to pleasure a woman in a sincere way and, to be fair to the men, sometimes they put the woman’s desire first and that should be a give and take situation, not only in a client/escort relationship, but in our “real/personal” lives as well.  
I believe the men looking for a GFE are looking for a woman that has sexiness and warmth at the same time. He wants them, together, to be able to shake the chemistry in the room with their looks to each other and smiles. That makes him feel like the best man in the world for making a woman so comfortable and open around him.
You are well paired with a special girl, one that describes what she enjoys a date, just like a girlfriend experience, and loves that type of experience. A lady that will be able to make you forget that you have an agreement for the time being and makes you feel like you are on one of the first dates with a new girlfriend.
In my countless GFE encounters, I can honestly say that I had a person’s full and undivided attention when it comes to mind and body. The sexual details that transpired between us was, in the majority of times, a WOW experience. Those things that you are almost in disbelief of “what just happened” with this person you just met. 
 My time here has been a great share of teaching how to have a fantastic GFE time with someone and learning of what each individual knows and considers to be a Girlfriend Experience. The ones that don’t know, we can just go with the flow and let it happen. With the ones who have experienced it already, we combine our knowledge and make it even more fun.
The more honest about how the man and woman involved in the experience are, the easier it will be to establish a connection. In return, my guest feel a sense of emotional security; he feels that he is cared for and a warm feeling of appreciation that all humans crave so much.
Of course, there are boundaries and lines we don’t cross. The same goes for my guests; there are aspects of my life and their lives that is for us, our families and friends to be part of. However, I think we do share a lot things, including common likes between us.
Keep it in mind that the Girlfriend experience that I offer does not mean a chance at a bareback bj. That is a personal choice of an escort and is not reflected on my offers.  
With all the sexual and intimate things that one would expect from such experience, no wonder why many men search for that. 
I am very fortunate that I can re-live over and over again a Girlfriend type of experience with a lot of the people I have met 6 years ago. We catch ourselves asking, “how did we get here” and “how fun was the journey up to now”. So many memories.
Jade Capri

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  1. Hey! Once again you nailed it!!!!
    It’s a forever connection , regardless how often or how continuos it is.
    There seems to be just a mutual enlightenment that glows over time!!!
    Enjoy while you can!

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  2. My time with you is always so wonderful Jade, the closeness and caring you impart make you the best ever! You’re the girl friend any man in his right mind would love to have…. xo

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